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What is new in SimplyFile 4


Welcome to SimplyFile 4. This document outlines new features and enhancements which make the product, on which you have come to rely for filing and organizing Outlook email messages, even more powerful.

Official support for Outlook 2016

Version 4 now officially supports Outlook 2016. Office 365 is fully supported with the desktop version of Outlook.

Smarter and faster folder predictions

We have revamped the folder suggestion algorithm to make it even more accurate and faster. You should see the top suggested folder be correct even more often than in the previous version. Our official target still remains 90%, but based on your usage patterns you can see even higher accuracy. And for those rare instances where the top suggestion is not correct, read on about the next improvement.

Three One-Click-File buttons

SimplyFile 4 has an option to show three small one-click-file buttons instead of one large button. SimplyFile’s folder prediction algorithm is very accurate. For most customers, it is correct over 90% of the time. With this option, even more of your messages will be filed with just one click. You can switch between one and three buttons using the Show 3 One Click File Buttons option.

And if you prefer to operate mostly with the keyboard, QuickPick is still the fastest option for you.

Prediction logic hints

We have developed and tuned SimplyFile’s default folder prediction algorithm so that it works well for the vast majority of cases. There are some special usage patterns that could be improved even further. In version 4 you can tell SimplyFile if you primarily file messages based on content or senders to help it give even more accurate suggestions. See Predictions Heuristics.

Filing History

Filing History Window displays a list of recently filed messages. It is a great way to remind yourself what you worked if you need to fill out a time or status report, or create a bill for your clients.

BatchFile is now even more powerful

If you have used SimplyFile v3, you know that BatchFile is a great way to file an Inbox full of messages in one shot. In version 4, BatchFile became even more powerful. Now you can correct folder predictions right inside the BatchFile window. Simply right-click on a message or use Right/Left arrow keys to cycle through alternative folder suggestions.

BatchFile now has an option to skip flagged and unread messages (using checkboxes at the bottom of the window).

BatchFile now remembers the last sort order you used.


In previous versions, the type-ahead folder selection QuickPick window showed up to 500 folders matching your input. In version 4, QuickPick will display all your folders, even if you have tens of thousands of them. Type-ahead folder lookup will still be lightning-fast.

Folder list can be sorted by “Folder name” or “Folder path”. Note that QuickPick does not remember the previous sort order, because initially folders are sorted by relevancy.

Both QuickPick and BatchFile now support changing font size, using Ctrl+Plus/Minus.

GoToFolder shows recent folders on top

Go To Folder window now shows the most recently used folders at the top, so you can quickly navigate to them.


If you press the Shift key while clicking the File Message button, SimplyFile will automatically switch Outlook to the destination folder after filing a message.

Find command

A new top-level Find command can be used to quickly initiate an Outlook search for all messages related to a particular email. You can search messages by name, subject, and even domain. It is a great shortcut for looking up conversation context when looking at a particular message.


This feature was first added to SimplyTag - an add-in for tagging and categorizing Outlook email messages. It proved very popular in SimplyTag, so we have decided to add it to SimplyFile as well.

Send and Delete

“Send without saving a copy” was renamed to “Send and Delete” for clarity. This command now places sent message into the Deleted Items folder, as opposed to permanently removing in version 3.

Please note that due to the name change, the keyboard access key for this command has been changed from Alt+w to Alt+d. We apologize for any inconvenience if the old shortcut is imprinted in your muscle memory.

Send, Delete and Delete Original

A new command “Send, Delete and Delete Original” is available by clicking “More Actions” in the File Sent Message Window.

Option to show full folder path

If you have several folders with the same name in different locations, you will find Display full folder path option useful. If enabled, SimplyFile will show the entire folder path, rather than just the name in all “File In” drop-downs (on the Ribbon and right-click menu).

Non-admin installer and upgrades

Unlike previous versions, version 4 default EXE installer does not require Administrator permissions and can be installed under a regular user account. If you previously installed using the EXE installer, we recommend that you uninstall version 3 prior to upgrading to version 4. (If you do not know which installer you used, you most likely used EXE).

We still provide an admin installer (MSI) for large scale deployment. That process has not changed. Version 4 MSI installer can be installed on top of version 3, without uninstalling.

Other enhancements and fixes

Version 4 includes many other small improvements and fixes, which further increase product usability, performance and reliability.

What else would you like to see?

Many of the new features and improvements are based on your suggestions. If you have ideas on how else we can make SimplyFile even more useful to you, we would love to hear from you!

Upgrade today!

Licensed users of SimplyFile 3 are eligible for discount upgrade pricing. Upgrade today!