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What is new in SimplyTag 2


Welcome to SimplyTag 2. This document outlines new features and enhancements which make the product, on which you have come to rely for tagging, categorizing and organizing Outlook email messages, even more powerful.


What can be even better than one-click tagging of Outlook messages? Automatic tagging of incoming messages with no action on your part! SimplyTag will automatically apply categories to incoming messages so you have to do less work. New in version 2. We would love to hear what you think about it.

Smarter and faster tag predictions

We have revamped the tag suggestion algorithm to make it even more accurate and faster. (If you are using our SimplyFile product, you have experienced this already with version 4). You should see the top suggested tag be correct even more often than in the previous version.

Three One-Click-Tag buttons

SimplyTag 2 has an option to show three small One-Click-Tag buttons instead of one large button. SimplyTag’s tag prediction algorithm is very accurate. With this change, even more of your messages will be tagged with just one click. You can switch between one and three buttons using the Show 3 One Click Tag Buttons option.

And if you prefer to operate mostly with the keyboard, QuickTag Window is still the fastest option for you.

One-Click-Tag buttons show category color

The One-Click-Tag buttons now show the color of the respective category. (In the previous version they used SimplyTag logo). This will help you visually identify the right category even faster.

Prediction logic hints

We have developed and tuned SimplyTag’s default tag prediction algorithm so that it works well for the vast majority of cases. There are some special usage patterns that could be improved even further. In version 2 you can tell SimplyTag if you primarily tag messages based on content or senders to help it give even more accurate suggestions. See Predictions Heuristics.

“Preserve existing tags” option

The QuickTag window now has Preserve existing tags option.

Improved keyboard-only mode

We always try to make our products as keyboard-friendly as possible. This version further improves keyboard-only navigation.

  • All three one-click-tag buttons have configurable hotkeys.
  • The QuickTag Window has additional optimizations for keyboard navigation. (Make sure you are using version or newer).

Open Data Folder button

The Open Data Folder will help you migrate configuration easier between computers. And even share your tags with your coworkers.

Other enhancements and fixes

Version 2 includes many other small improvements and fixes, which further increase product usability, performance and reliability.

What else would you like to see?

Many of the new features and improvements are based on your suggestions. If you have ideas on how else we can make SimplyTag even more useful to you, we would love to hear from you!

Upgrade today!

Licensed users of SimplyTag v1 are eligible for discount upgrade pricing. Upgrade today!