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Advanced Naming Options Window

Advanced Naming Options allows you to configure options like:

  • Custom file naming format - customize things like date format, field order, etc.
  • Limit the total length of generated file path names.

Advanced Naming Options

Override File and Subfolder Naming Options

Enable this option to specify a custom name template in the field below.

Name Template Field

Here you specify the name template. A name template consists of fields, which are replaced with values from the attachment you are saving or its containing message. For example, %M_SUBJ% is replaced with a message subject. Use the Add Field button to insert fields. You can also manually type additional values, such as separators. See File Name Templates for details on template syntax.

Add Field

Use this button to insert template fields from the menu it provides.

Limit file name length

Specify the limit of the file path generated by EZDetach. The value has to be between 50 and 260 characters. 260 characters is the max limit allowed by Windows.


The limit applies to the entire path - folder path + file name. If you specify Destination Folder with a long path, it will leave little space for the file name and EZDetach might have to truncate it.