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Filter Window

The Filter window allows you to specify criteria for the attachments you would like to save.


Filter Window Options

Message Age Filter

Allows you to specify that you would like to only save attachments from messages which have been received over this many days ago.

Message Subject Filter

You can use the Subject Filter to only save attachments from messages with certain words in the subject. Use multiple space-separated words to match on several topics. For example, filter sale quote will match all emails with either word sale or word quote in the subject.

Attachment Name Filter

Use Attachment Name Filter to only save attachments with names which match the words you specify. You can use multiple space-separated words.

Attachment Size Filter

Here you can filter attachments by size. Please note that Outlook sometimes reports approximate attachment sizes, which means that attachments size filter matching is approximate.


If you require more advanced filtering, you can use Outlook built-in Search or Search Folders. Wait for the results to populate, then select all messages in the result set and run EZDetach on them. This integration allows you to use the full filtering power of Outlook with EZDetach saving capabilities.