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What is new in EZDetach 6


Welcome to EZDetach 6.0. This document outlines new features and enhancements which make the product you have come to rely on for saving, managing and processing email attachments even more powerful.

Smart Destination Folder Suggestions

If you have been using our SimplyFile product, you know how powerful folder suggestions are. With SimplyFile, you simply click a button to file a message in the right Outlook folder, instead of using tedious and error-prone drag and drop.

We have integrated the same folder suggestion algorithm that powers SimplyFile into EZDetach 6.0. Instead of suggesting an Outlook destination folder, like in SimplyFile, EZDetach suggests file system destination folders. Folder suggestions are enabled by default. EZDetach will learn where you save attachments and after a brief training period will start suggesting relevant folders.

See Smart Suggestions.

Mapped Folders

Mapped Folders feature allows to you specify a corresponding destination folder for a particular Outlook folder. This way you can maintain configurations where Outlook folder tree does not match your file system destination folder tree.

See Mapped Folders Window.


AutoSave allows you to have EZDetach watch the Outlook folders you specify and automatically save new messages added to these Outlook folders to the corresponding destination folders.

See AutoSave.


Scheduler allows you to automatically save attachments at pre-defined intervals.

See Scheduler.

File Name Templates

In previous versions of EZDetach, it was very easy to have EZDetach add extra fields to the file names it saves. For example, you would check a box, to automatically append values like Sender Name or Message Date to the file name or folder name. That simplicity did not allow to configure things which are a bit more advanced. For example, rearrange field order, use a different format for date or time.

File Name Templates address that issue. Now you can use the Advanced Naming Options Window to create a file and folder name patter as flexible as you would like. See File Name Templates for details on template syntax.

Outlook 2010 Ribbon UI Support

As you know, Outlook 2010 introduced a significant change in the User Interface - The Ribbon. EZDetach is now available as a button on the Ribbon Home tab.

Ribbon Button

The button is very compact, so it takes up little valuable Ribbon space, yet very functional. It consists of two parts:

  1. Click on the top part to access the Save Attachments Window.
  2. Click on the bottom part to access a drop-down menu with additional options.

The Save Attachments command is also available on the right-click context menu when you select one or more messages in the main Outlook window.

Right-click menu

Streamlined Installation

You no longer have to download a separate full version when you purchase a license. The trial version is turned into a full version by entering a license key.

Discontinued support for Outlook 2000 and 2002

EZDetach 6.0 supports Outlook 2003, 2007 and 2010 (both 32 and 64 bit). If you are still using and older version of Outlook, Contact our Sales Department to order a EZDetach 5.0 license.

New User Guide

We have rewritten the User Guide from scratch. (This document is a part of it). The new User Guide includes expanded content, better navigation, search and index, so you can quickly and easily locate the information you are looking for.

Check for Updates

EZDetach now has a Check for Updates command, which you can use the check if a newer version is available.

What else would you like to see?

Many of the new features and improvements are based on your suggestions. If you have ideas on how else we can make EZDetach even more useful to you, we would love to hear from you!