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SnoozeIt Commands

SnoozeIt user interface is represented as buttons on the Outlook Ribbon Home Tab and commands on the right-click menu. It is optimized for fast access.

SnoozeIt UI

SnoozeIt User Interface is displayed on the Home tab of the Ribbon.

SnoozeIt on the Outlook Ribbon

SnoozeIt dropdown menu

SnoozeIt menu

SnoozeIt Commands

Snooze For Drop Down

Most of SnoozeIt command are located under this button. Click it to expand a drop-down menu.

Snooze For Predefined Duration

SnoozeIt has a number of predefined durations, such as “30 minutes”, “1 hour”, “2 hours”, etc. Use it to snooze a message for this amount of time. Or you can use the Custom Duration Button below.

Custom Duration Button

Use this button to specify the exact due time or snooze duration.

Pause Unsnoozing

If you are busy and do not want to be interrupted by unsnoozed messages, you can temporarily pause unsnoozing.

Resume Unsnoozing

Resume unsnoozing when you are ready for new tasks.

Unsnooze Next

If you are done with all items in the Inbox, you can unsnooze the next message even if its time has not come yet.

More Menu

Click on this menu to see additional SnoozeIt commands. All commands listed below are located there.

Options Button

Opens the Options Window.

Tell A Friend Button

You love using SnoozeIt. So much so that you would like to share its benefits with a friend. Use this command to compose a note about SnoozeIt to your friend.

Rest assured - the email will not be sent without your approval!

Give Us Your Feedback Button

We would love to hear what you think about SnoozeIt. Send us a note, we are looking forward to hearing from you!


Displays SnoozeIt User Guide.

Check For Updates Button

Check to see if a newer version of SnoozeIt is available.

About TechHit SnoozeIt Button

Opens the SnoozeIt About Window, where you can see SnoozeIt version and your license information.

Enter License Key Button

After you have purchased a license, use this command to enter your license key into the product.

Buy Now Button

Use this command to purchase a license key after you have taken the evaluation version for a spin and liked what you saw.