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Product Price per license Order Link
JumpToWindow v1 $29.95 BUY NOW
QuickJump v1 $29.95 BUY NOW
SnoozeIt v1 $49.95 BUY NOW
SimplyFile v4 $49.95 BUY NOW
SimplyTag v2 $49.95 BUY NOW
EZDetach v6 $59.95 BUY NOW
MessageSave Ultmate v6 $179.95 BUY NOW
MessageSave Pro v6 $119.95 BUY NOW
MessageSave Standard v6 $79.95 BUY NOW
SendAware Enterprise v2 $149.95 BUY NOW
SendAware Pro v2 $99.95 BUY NOW
SendAware Standard v2 $59.95 BUY NOW
Bundle - Buy Three Products and Save!
MessageSave Pro v6,
EZDetach v6,
QuickJump v1
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Bundle - Buy Five Products - Great Value!
MessageSave Pro v6,
EZDetach v6,
SimplyFile v4,
SimplyTag v2,
SnoozeIt v1
Save 30%! BUY NOW
Bundle - Buy All Eight Products - Best Value!
MessageSave Pro v6,
EZDetach v6,
SimplyFile v4,
SimplyTag v2,
SendAware Pro v2
SnoozeIt v1,
QuickJump v1,
JumpToWindow v1
Save 50%! BUY NOW

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"This product [SimplyFile] has changed my life, literally. I was able to reduce my inbox from several thousand emails to ZERO, and more importantly, able to stop increasing the size of my Sent Items folder, since now my reply emails are automatically filed. For a professional who bills by the tenth of an hour, I have saved thousands of dollars worth of time previously spent on organizing old emails. "
-David L.



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