Categorize, tag, label
and find Outlook email

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Categorize, tag, label
and find Outlook Email

Do you use Outlook Categories to manage your email?

Do you wish the process was easier and faster?

Download SimplyTag to tag and find your Outlook email messages with ease!

One-click category assignment

Uses an advanced algorithm to offer category predictions on one-click-tag buttons. Learn more »

Auto-tag incoming email

What is better than "one click tagging" - "no click tagging". Auto-tagging automatically assigns categories to incoming messages based on what you have done in the past. Learn more »

Tag and categorize sent messages

Send and Tag messages as you are sending them to organize your Sent Items. Learn more »

Tag and categorize Tasks, Contacts, Calendar, etc.

Works everywhere. Private and shared mailboxes. Public Folders. Task, Contacts and Calendar. Learn more »

Copy and Paste categories between messages

One-click copy and paste tags between messages. Learn more »

Share tags with your team

Supports sharing categories. You can use common tags for projects, clients, cases, etc. Learn more »

Bulk manage categories

Create / Delete several categories in one show. Great for importing tags from an external source, such as a spreadsheet. Learn more »

Supports fast keyboard operation

The QuickTag window is optimized for fast keyboard-only operation. Type a few letters of the tag name, comma, a few letters of another tag name, comma, Enter. You are done. Learn more »

Powerful tag-based email search interface

Fast tag-based search. Supports both OR and AND conditions. Tagging is only one side of the coin. Quickly finding messages later is the other. Learn more »

Smart and self-tuning

No configuration wizards, no manual setup, no rules to maintain. It just works! Learn more »

Battle-tested, robust and reliable

We have been building products for Microsoft Outlook since 2002. We know what it takes to make a product to be robust and reliable.

Highly optimized

We put a lot of effort, attention and care not only into developing features and perfecting usability, but also into optimizing performance. From the light footprint to blazing fast performance, you will see it shine through!
"I have been using Simply Tag for quite some time now. It is the BEST outlook category tagging system that I have utilized so far. I like how it predicts the category and it is quite often correct. I also like the ease at which you can categorize those that are not automatically found. GREAT PRODUCT !!!" - Mark W.
"As a manager of 60 people, I receive hundreds of mails per week on a wide variety of subjects. I developped my own tag 'taxonomy' and store everything in one big archive file. I used to use Taglocity, but it is not working fine in Outlook 2013. SimplyTag does, and is more userfriendly!" - Raf M.
"I am using it to keep my inbox clear of thousands of emails per week that I only need for reference and searching purposes. By having the ability to quickly tag and then search (key) those tags easily, I can be much more draconian about getting unnecessary emails out of my inbox so they are no longer distracting. This is a massive productivity boost and the only major reason why I did not migrate from Outlook on Windows to Outlook on Mac OS X." - Eric V.

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SimplyTag Editions

SimplyTag is available in three editions - Standard, Pro and Ultimate.
The following table lists features available in each edition.
The evaluation version includes all features.


  • AI-powered tag predictions.
  • One-click tagging.
  • QuickTag.
  • Send and Tag.
  • Send, Tag and Tag Original.
  • Email support.


  • Everything in Standard.
  • Tag Thread, Tag Sender.
  • Copy and Paste Categories.
  • Auto-Tag.
  • Tag actions.
  • TaskIt and ScheduleIt.
  • Find related messages.
  • Bulk Manage Categories.
  • Share Categories.
  • Export / Import Categories.
  • Do not prompt for auto-sent messages.
  • Unattended deployment and administration.
  • Phone support.


  • Everything in Pro.
  • Unattended Bulk Create Tags.
  • Customize UI.
  • Bulk activation management.
  • RDS, Citrix, VDI, AVD, etc deployment.
  • Usage reporting.
  • Priority support.

Detailed Feature Matrix

AI-powered category predictions.
One-click tagging.
QuickTag - fast type-ahead category selection.
Send and Tag.
Send, Tag and Tag Original.
Do not prompt to tag auto-sent messages - rules, mail merge, etc.
Mark tagged messages as read.
Copy categories on reply and forward.
Customizable keyboard hotkeys.
Highly optimized for speed and size.
Tag Thread, Tag Sender.
TaskIt and ScheduleIt.
Copy and paste categories.
Tag actions.
Search email by category.
Find related messages.
Share Outlook categories via a Shared mailbox.
Bulk manage Outlook categories.
Centrally bulk create Outlook categories for your users.
Export / Import categories and actions.
Centralized large-scale deployment and administration.
Customize UI.
Bulk activation management.
Support for RDS, Citrix, VDI, AVD, etc deployment.
Usage reporting.
Email support.
Phone support.
Priority support.

System Requirements

Tag email like a Pro
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