Prevent sending email to
the wrong recipients

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Have you ever emailed a message to somebody other than its intended recipient, or know somebody who has?

Accidentally sending an email to the wrong recipients is embarrassing at best, and can cost millions of dollars or your job at worst.

SendAware will help you minimize the chances of that happening to you.

Outlook AutoComplete and fast-paced work can cause mistakes. Catch them with SendAware.

Prevent accidental data disclosure

Most accidental data leaks and disclosure happen due to miss-addressed emails. Prevent them by verifying recipients before sending email.

Raise user security awareness

SendAware trains users to be more mindful and aware of potential security issues, such as data and information leaks.

Prompt to check and confirm recipients before email is sent

If a message matches certain configurable criteria, SendAware displays a confirmation prompt to check that all recipients are indeed supposed to receive the message.

Configurable check criteria

Not just external vs internal. SendAware prompt criteria can be configured to match your specific requirements.

Great for individuals

Simple installer can be used by individual users. You can start using SendAware in two minutes and gain a new level of confidence when sending email.

Ready for Enterprises

Admin installer can be used to centrally deploy and manage the product. Settings can be locked down to prevent changes. Full branding customization is available.

Battle-tested, robust and reliable

We have been building products for Microsoft Outlook since 2002. We know what it takes to make a product to be robust and reliable. SendAware does not require, but works seamlessly with other TechHit add-ins if you use them.

Highly optimized

We put a lot of effort, attention and care not only into developing features and perfecting usability, but also into optimizing performance. From the light footprint to blazing fast performance, you will see it shine through.

SendAware Editions

SendAware is available in three editions - Standard, Pro and Enterprise. The following table lists features available in each edition. The evaluation version includes all features.



Prompt to confirm external recipients.

Prompt to confirm recipients from two or more external domains.

Simple domain-based configuration.

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Everything in Standard.

Prompt to confirm when emailing a new combination of recipients.

Prompt to confirm sending attachments.

Advanced pattern-based configuration.

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Everything in Pro.

Centrally manage configuration.

Hide and lock configuration UI.

Custom branding.

Log results in the Windows Event Log.

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Detailed Feature Matrix

Feature Standard Pro Enterprise
Prompt to confirm external recipients.
Prompt to confirm recipients when emailing two or more domains.
Prompt to confirm new combination of recipients.
Prompt to confirm attachments.
Simple domain-based configuration.
Advanced pattern-based configuration.
Centrally manage configuration via GPO.
Hide and lock configuration user interface.
Custom branding.
Log results in Windows Event Log.

SendAware System Requirements