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Always send From the right Outlook account

If you have multiple accounts in Outlook, it is important to use the right account for each recipient. For example, you would not want to email your business contact from a personal account.

AccountCheck will help you get it right every time.

Prevent sending email from the wrong account

To maintain your professional business image, it is important that you use the right account for each contact.

Reduce manual work and cognitive load

AccountCheck provides just the right amount of help with pre-filling defaults and checks when you send email.

Confirm the right account to use for new recipients

When emailing a recipient for the first time, AccountCheck can prompt you to confirm that you are using the right account.

Warn when emailing a recipient from a different account than before

AccountCheck can prompt you when you email a contact from an account different than the one you used for this contact previously.

Prefill the right account for replies

When you hit Reply or ReplyAll, AccountCheck prefills the From Account based on the address to which the email was sent.

Prefill the right account for new messages

For new messages, AccountCheck has an option to always sent From Account to the one you use most.

Battle-tested, robust and reliable

We have been building products for Microsoft Outlook since 2002. We know what it takes to make a product to be robust and reliable. AccountCheck does not require, but works seamlessly with other TechHit add-ins if you use them.

Highly optimized

We put a lot of effort, attention and care not only into developing features and perfecting usability, but also into optimizing performance. From the light footprint to blazing fast performance, you will see it shine through.

System Requirements

Prevent embarrassing mistakes.
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Download 30 Day Free Trial BUY NOW