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"This product is the only thing holding me back from moving to a OSX platform. Simplyfile saves me at least 2 hours/week in productivity!" - Kyle S.
"I have used this product for one single day and it already makes my life much easier. Congratulations!!
This is a fantastic add-on to Outlook and I am already addicted." - Johan V.
"This product [SimplyFile] has changed my life, literally. I was able to reduce my inbox from several thousand emails to ZERO, and more importantly, able to stop increasing the size of my Sent Items folder, since now my reply emails are automatically filed. For a professional who bills by the tenth of an hour, I have saved thousands of dollars worth of time previously spent on organizing old emails." - David L.
"MessageSave a great product! It will help us archive our e-mail with each project, and keep it together with all that project's drawings, documents and other electronic files." - Rich M.
"I downloaded EZDetach this morning, already it is indispensable!" - Tim W.
"I've been testing many different filing add-ins for Outlook. Yours is the first one that works. I filed my inbox in minutes(451 items)." - Patrick D.
"We receive dozens of emails daily that relate to many different files. We were thrilled to find that we could set the file naming to match the one we've been entering manually for each saved message, and then save the related messages in batches to the appropriate file. This program saves us hours of time each week in file management!" - Nicole B.

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