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How to manage ToDos and Follow-ups in Outlook with SnoozeIt

Inbox as a To-Do list

Most Outlook users use the Inbox as a To-Do list. We keep messages in the Inbox as reminders of things we need to do and follow up on in the future. The problem with this approach is that before long, the Inbox has too many messages and it is hard to see what is important to do when. So things fall through the cracks.

Imagine if your Inbox only had the messages on which you need to work in the next few hours. This would be a very manageable list. You could glance at it and find what is important to do right now. This is exactly what SnoozeIt does.

How to manage To-Dos in the Inbox

To keep your Inbox small and manageable, snooze all messages on which you do not need to act in the next few hours. Simply select one or more messages, click the Snooze For Drop Down and select either a pre-defined interval, or custom time when you would like the message to re-appear in the Inbox.

At the specified time, SnoozeIt will move the message back and notify you that it is time to work on it. If you are not ready at that time, you can snooze it again.

The idea is very simple, but you will see how effective this approach is. Seeing and empty Inbox at the end of the day and an almost empty Inbox during the day is a very rewarding feeling!

Follow up on sent messages

If you are sending a message and would like to set a reminder to follow up on it in the future, you can use SnoozeIt for that as well. Simply BCC yourself on the email, then snooze the copy you receive in your Inbox.

If you forgot to BCC yourself you do this instead:

  • Open the Sent Items folder.
  • Select the message.
  • Hit Ctr+C then Ctrl+V to make a copy of the message.
  • Snooze the copy.

Tell us what you think

SnoozeIt is a fun tool, we hope you enjoy using it. Tell us about how it works for you.