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Options Window

Here you can configure settings which affect how some of the AccountCheck commands work. To open the Options window, click Options button on TechHit tab of the main Outlook window Ribbon.

Outlook Ribbon TechHit tab

Accounts Tab

Options dialog - Sending tab
For New Messages, Always Use This Account

Enable this option if you would like to default all new messages to a specific account. Leave this off for default Outlook behavior.

For Replies And Forwards Set From Account To
  • Use the account to which the original message was addressed - set From Account to match the To address of the original email.
  • Use default outlook behavior - let Outlook handle it.
  • Always Use This Account - always default From to a specific account.
Reply All - Remove All My Account Addresses From The Recipient List

When hitting “Reply All”, AccountCheck will remove your own addresses from the list of recipients, so you do not have to clean it up manually.

Confirm Account For Recipients To Whom I Have Not Emailed Before

Confirm the From account when emailing a recipient to whom you have not emailed since starting to use AccountCheck.

Warn When I Email A Recipient From A Different Account Than Before

Show a warning when you are emailing a recipient from an account different than the one you used for this recipient in the past.

Note that AccountCheck only knows about messages you have sent after you have installed it.

Configure Exceptions

Open the “Configure Exceptions” window where you can specify email addresses which you would like to be excluded from recipient checks.

Shared Mailboxes Tab

Options dialog - Sending tab
For Replies And Forwards From Shared Mailboxes, Set From To My Own Address

When you reply to a message in a Shared Mailbox, Outlook defaults the From field to the mailbox. Enable this option to have the From defaulted to your personal account.

Advanced Tab

Options dialog - Advanced tab
Enable Troubleshooting Log

Enable diagnostics log.

Open Log Folder

Display the troubleshooting log in a Windows Explorer Window.