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Installing and Upgrading

Installing on a new computer

To install AccountCheck, download and run the installer. Be sure to close Outlook during installation. The default EXE installer does not require administrator permissions. It installs the product for the user running the installer.

For the Enterprise edition customers, we provide an MSI installer for centralized silent deployment.

After running the Installer, restart Outlook and you should see the TechHit tab on the Ribbon in the main Outlook window.

Upgrading AccountCheck

To install a new version of AccountCheck, follow the same steps as you did when you originally installed it. There is no need to uninstall the previous version prior to installation.


Upgrading without uninstalling works only for the same type of installer: EXE to EXE or MSI to MSI. If you need to change to a different installer type, you have to uninstall first.


You can use the Check for Updates command to check if there is a new version available. That command is located under the AccountCheck drop-down on the Ribbon (click the More button).

Changing computers

  1. Uninstall AccountCheck from the old computer. (Using Windows Control Panel).
  2. Install AccountCheck on the new computer using the same steps you used for the original installation (see above).

Follow these instructions to move your license to the new computer.


When you purchase a license, be sure to save the email with your license key, so you can reinstall the product in the future.

MSI Installer and installing for all users

The default installer provided on the download page is an EXE installer. It installs the product for the current user’s profile.

MSI installer is available for customers of the Enterprise edition. The MSI installer requires Administrator permissions and installs the product for all users on a computer. If you previously installed the product using the EXE installer, it needs to be uninstalled before using the MSI.

Large-scale deployment and administration

For large installations, it is not practical to walk around in order to install and configure the software and enter license key on every workstation. For the Enterprise edition customers, we provide a way for system administrators to centrally install and manage the product. This approach starts making sense for sites over 20 users and scales up nicely. We have customers that manage installations for thousands of users. Please contact us for details.


You can uninstall AccountCheck using the Windows Control Panel, just like any other Windows Application.