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Main QuickJump Window

You will be using the main window for most of your interactions with the application.


Main Window Options

Input Field (1)

This is where you type fragments of the folder name. You can type multiple space-separated fragments to progressively filter the list of results. For example, “acm inv pa” matches Acme\Invoices\Paid in the screenshot above. The search tokens can be in any order. “pa acm inv” would have matched the same folder.

Transparency Buttons (2)

The two buttons (up and down) control transparency of this window. Click the down button several times to make the window more or less transparent.

For better performance, transparency is disabled when working via a Remote Desktop session.

Help Button (3)

Displays a quick help window with keyboard hotkeys available in this window.

Menu Button (4)

Provides access to a drop down menu with the following additional commands.

Configure Folder Locations

Opens the Configure Folder Locations Window.

Rescan Folders

Rescan all folders and rebuilt the folder list.

Options Command

Displays the Options Window.

Checks For Updates

Check if a newer version is available.

About Command

Displays the About window where you can find version and license information.

Create Folder (5)

Create a new folder as a subfolder of the currently selected folder.