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Options Window

Use the Options Window to configure QuickJump. You can access this window under the Tools menu in the Main QuickJump Window.

QuickJump Options window

Configure the hot key combination to invoke QuickJump.


Configure whether QuickJump should start automatically when you login to Windows.

Open Folders In

By default, when QuickJump opens a folder (as opposed to sending it to a Save As or File Open window), it uses Windows File Explorer. Here you can configure a different application.

Select “Custom” in the drop down and type a path and switches to the Windows Explorer replacement you are using. Use “%QJ_FLD_PATH%” as the folder path placeholder.

"C:\Program Files\My Fancy Explorer\fancy_explorer.exe" /A "%QJ_FLD_PATH%" /B /C


Be sure to enclose both executable path and %QJ_FLD_PATH% in double quotes.