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This product is the only thing holding me back from moving to a OSX platform. Simplyfile saves me at least 2 hours/week in productivity!

Kyle S.

I have used this product for one single day and it already makes my life much easier. Congratulations!! You obviously know our frustration with moving mails to folders. This is a fantastic add-on to Outlook and I am already addicted.

Johan V.

Rarely do I encounter a new product that transforms my life. Given the amount of e-mail I receive, and the number of folders that I need, SimplyFile has been transformational to me. Thanks very much for an excellent and intelligent product that will save me a tremendous amount of time.

Bruce B.

I took a chance on SimplyFile after first acquiring EZDetach. I like EZDetach, but I love SimplyFile. I have a very high volume of email and dozens of email folders, SimplyFile greatly shortens the amount of time I have to spend on maintenance of my mailbox. Great work!

Jonathan B.

We have individual public folders for every client and every vendor we work with. This product seamlessly and effortlessly lets us quickly file our Inbox messages and sent items directly into the appropriate public folders, without having to scroll -- easily saves 15 minutes per person per day, and makes it easy to keep our correspondence trail intact. VERY well-written interface. VERY responsive and intuitive to use, and we're impressed with its ability to accurately predict where a particular message should most likely be filed.

Chad Hiatt.

I can't live without it! It keeps me sane. My emails would be out of control without it. I would estimate it saves me about an hour a day.

Tammie A.

This has saved me hours already in the first 2 weeks. Paid for itself the first two days in time savings and first 5 minutes in frustration. Now it is actually fun to play whack-a-mole with emails. Incredible product.

Reg S.

Filing emails and reducing clutter. The most amazing timesaver I've ever used! It makes me love emails again. :-)

Simon R.

Product is just awesome !!! I love it, really. Recommend it to EVERYONE I come in contact with.

Frank H.

Your product has saved me about 20 minutes per day at home and over 45 minutes at work per day by not having to manually file each message. I work in IT and run several home businesses so I keep file a majority of the mail I receive in a very detailed folder structure. Your product makes it much, much simpler to do my job.

Via an anonymous feedback form.

I've juste try SimplyFile in the last hour. -- !!! THAT'S AWSOME !!! -- I'm sales director, I have up to 150 emails per day, and my staff too. This save me, at least, 30 min a day (for 5 sales rep = 2.5h per day, it's 15 weeks per years !) We'll buy a bunch of that. Guys, you're genuis, You're my best shot in 2016, even if we are in January !!! Thank you guys !!! Please, forward this to your team.

Dominic V

I have run across the absolutely coolest application that I have seen in a long time ...and it has quickly become indispensable to how I work.

Just wanted to share a haiku I wrote recently when I was without SimplyFile for a week or so (internal IT problems, not the fault of SimplyFile). I nearly went crazy from the email chaos.

a day without SimplyFile
makes it unlikely

Sarah A.

I get lots of e-mail. It builds up over time, and I end up with thousands of e-mails in my INBOX. This, in a smart way, suggests what you do with the e-mail...AND EVEN PROVIDES RECOMMENDATIONS! Where have you been for the last 10 years!????

Jack C.

I am pleased to give SimplyFile a very high recommendation. I consider myself lucky to have discovered it, and I think you will too. Now, life without SimplyFile would be like trading in a Ferrari for a horse and buggy.

An empty inbox is a good inbox. SimplyFile intelligently makes filing messages a one-click affair.

I have been using SimplyFile for over 5 years now. I am a huge fan of this product. SimplyFile is absolutely essential for my daily email work productivity. The smart filing features, the inbox filing log, the scheduling tools are all used every day - they make a HUGE difference in the time it takes to manage email. I can't imagine working through emails without it.

Rick Yates, VP & Chief Software Development Officer, Anthem, Inc.

I typically get between 2000 and 4000 emails a week. Outlook rules only allow some level of filing and filtering. I have hundreds that require a human response. SimplyFile is the only way I've gotten back to zero inbox messages.

Via an anonymous feedback form.

I use Simplyfile for managing and filing my email. It easily saves me an hour plus each day, not to mention the efficiency I get by actually knowing where my emails are filed.

Via an anonymous feedback form.

I receive a lot of email in 4 accounts. 3 personal accounts and one business account. This program and its machine learning helps me stay organized and probably saves me hours every week. You seem to have thought of everything. It's fantastic.

Via an anonymous feedback form.

Just a little note to let you know that Simply File is one of the best tool I have purchase for a long time. I am impressed on how I am now organized with my thousands emails a week!

Guylaine C.

after the free trial I realized the amount of time it saved me made purchasing it a no brainer. The ROI is ridiculous.

I was skeptical at first. After using SimplyFile to file over 700 e-mails I am extremely impressed! SimplyFile does exactly what it is advertised to do in a way that is exactly how I want it to work.

Via an anonymous feedback form.

Quickly filing emails. I had previously used Bayesian based products for categorizing emails in Outlook, but since the move to Exchange, such products' performance (not commercial) has been dodgy. SimplyFile is a very good replacement. I've only started using it for a few minutes. Suffice it to say that the time from downloading the demo to purchasing it was less than 30 minutes. It got me hooked immediately.

Amr K.

SimplyFile walks on water! I will never use Outlook without it!

Julie N.

Outlook's rules don't always work for what I need. I want to glance at emails briefly before they get filed away. SimplyFile is great -- it fills in that gap between completely automated and tedious manual filing.

Roger L.

I love having an Inbox with only 4-5 messages and not 200, 300, 400 and sometimes 500+. You've taken what was normally a monthly chore and taken all the hassle out of it.

Wendy F.

Just a quick email to remind you that SimplyFile is amazing and y'all are amazing for supporting it. It's my most favorite piece of mail-related software I've ever used.

Steven K.

Just dropping a line to let you know how useful SimplyFile is to me. I've always been a many-directory mail filer rather than a "one big pile plus search" type of person. As a result I've always wondered how I could make the actual filing process more efficient. SimplyFile is the perfect tool for me. I hope it's selling like hotcakes.

John H.

Love this product! Please continue to add new features and support this, as it's phenomenal. I started out with 2,000+ emails in my Inbox (normal state of affairs) and after about 5 solid days of "teaching" Simplyfile, I'm down to 19 messages in my Inbox and a high comfort level of where I've now got everything filed. Incredible!!

Julie G.

To save time filing incoming email to achieve "zero inbox." I was specifically looking for one of the forward-looking built-in features of an older (ancient?) email system "Lotus Notes" which had a version of what SImplyFile offers re: "AI filing." It was joyous to find that SimplyFile fit the bill exactly -- and much better than what I had used before.

Tim G.

I recieve up to 100 emails a day, and filing is always a drama. this lets me set up multiple filing locations, and greatly improve the accuracy of filing.

Via an anonymous feedback form.

This is a GREAT product. It takes a HUGE load off my shoulders in cleaning up my Inbox.

Via an anonymous feedback form.

I'm an anal retentive ... I file all e-mails in personal folders religiously. SimplyFile has saved me hours of scrolling to specific folders and sub-folders. It really is amazing how fast it learns and how accurate it is. I love the product !!!

Via an anonymous feedback form.

Using it every day to file all the email I get. I'd be swamped without it. It's great!

Via an anonymous feedback form.

I'm a recruiter and get's lots of email. Your superb product sits on the "bottom left" space along the tools bars on Outlook...because it's the most important tool that I use besides Outlook itself. I use it to file/put away the mass of items I get...and that helps greatly.

Via an anonymous feedback form.

I have tried many many add-ins and approaches to keeping my inbox organized and SimplyFile is absolutely the best.

Via an anonymous feedback form.

I am using SimplyFile to do the email sorting work that has consumed so much of my time. It is simply fantastic!

Via an anonymous feedback form.

I am using this for my home and a non-profit organization (Girl Scouts). This is the best software and has save me so much time I just could not believe it. At first, I didn't think much of the product, but when I continued to use it, I realized how much time I saved and when the Trial ran out, I HAD to purchase it. I am so glad I found this software. I LOVE this software! :) Keep up the good work.

Via an anonymous feedback form.

Using SimplyFile has saved me about 30 minutes per day, in not having to navigate a pile of folders to file my emails.

Via an anonymous feedback form.

Filing my email is simply a breeze now. It used to be a nightmare. I'd get so behind. Important email would get buried and overlooked. With SimplyFile I'm totally on top of my email every day. It's great.

Via an anonymous feedback form.

This is really an excellent product! It guesses my file around 90-95% of the time and is easy to choose another when it doesn't. It seemed a little slow at first, but I believe it was my current system more than the program. Plus with the latest release of 2.3, with QuickPick the product is even better. I can easily file to any of over a thousand files in an instant (I didn't realize how many I had till I used QuickPick). This product has easily trimmed a few hours a week from my work and forces me to file right every time. This makes retrieval of any information effortless without the hassle of always having to remember to file everything right). Thanks for an excellent product

Via an anonymous feedback form.

Thanks for a great product. Using SimplyFile saves me at least a half hour a day. It also allows me to file my emails properly so that I can find any email I need.

Samuel E.

I get over 200 emails a day. I don't think I could survive without SimplyFile. It's one of the first things i install on a new computer.

Mike M.

To file my ZILLIONS of emails. Your product has really changed my life - I have gone from hating my emails and drowning in them to looking forward to dealing with them, even including filing the backlog.

Atlanta W.

I cannot live without this product. I receive 300-400 e-mails per day and need to keep them organized. SimplyFile accurately predicts the right file 95% of the time and it makes it incredibly easy to file right file the other 5% of the time. I LOVE this product.

Scott W.

I have an email filing system that's developed over 15 years and covers the three different managerial roles I've had within the company. I have several hundred sub folders grouped by different themes. SimplyFile saves me at least 20-30 minutes per day in this filing. No more scrolling down the folder list as it somehow almost always guesses the right folder and makes filing email a pleasure rather than a stress! As a consequence I have a manageable inbox again - thanks SimplyFile!

Matt B.

I get 100's of emails a day. I then use multiple PST files to store my historical email. These are organized by Topic for internal emails or by customer for interactions with clients. I use SimplyFile to automate my filing of messages as I reply to them so I can find them later when needed. simply file saves me a great deal of time with it's automated suggestion algorithms and quick actions.

Greg M.

I have recommended SimplyFile to everyone I know who uses outlook - SimplyFile changes the cost/benefit of using a folder structure vs single folder archiving, and is better than tagging because categories don't sync across Exchange to my smartphones. The predictions are excellent - it seems like "magic" and batch filing threads is really timesaving. I use MYN productivity system and one-click taskit and scheduleit are perfect to help me get to inbox zero.

Kate F.

Saving time and keeping my emails organized. I have used it for 10days now and love it. I have saved about 10 minutes every morning when I fire up the outlook. I save about 20 minutes a day in finding items, filing them and researching. Awesome work folks. Keep it up!

Steve W.

Everyone at the firm loves SimplyFile. The more they are using it, the more they love it. Personally, as someone who has had well over 100 emails in my inbox, it is a relief seeing an almost empty inbox daily!

Anthony P.

You have an amazing product! For close to 4 years I'm now using it - and I love it! If ever our IT department would do something that it wouldn't work anymore, I'd be devastated. So many hours of mindless drag-and-drop email filing replaced by a simple and elegant click of a button.

Patrick B.

Using the software to sort and file emails into multiple project folders. This is the best program I have seen in a long time. I have never been so organized and my filing so up-to-date. I can't think of a single thing I would want you to change!

Barbet P.

I have an extensive filing system for keeping business records and knowledge resources. Many of these items arrive as emails. The filing plans of my server are replicated in my email client, so as soon as these items arrive or as I send them, I use Simply File to quickly send the email to the right place in the filing system in the email client. Then, periodically I use Message Save to transfer items out of the filing system in the email client onto the server filing plan. As these are essentially the same, it is easy to do. I find this system allows me ensure I lose nothing of importance.

Brian N.

I used a similar product for years called Speedfiler. I am so use to using it, that when it was no longer compatible with my upgraded MS Outlook version, I panicked a little. Luckily, I found SimplyFile. I tried the free trial, and it worked like a charm so I purchased it. It has many of the same features of Speedfiler, plus many extras I like even more - like the cool tool-bars. I work at a college as an Administrative Assistant. I receive a lot of emails, and need to handle multiple projects and deadlines at once. I have folders in my Outlook, that match the folders on my PC, as well as any real files I need to keep hard copies of. I love being able to sort outbound mail as I send it, and find any folder just like that. Saves me a ton of time, and I am always able to find what I'm looking for down the road. Even if I can't respond right away, I can easily create "tasks" from the emails and add them to my Task List to address later. Nothing gets dropped . Plus, I keep my Outlook folders on my PC, not on the server - so, I never have to worry about getting messages that I need to clear out emails to make room. The IT guy is always amazed that my In-Box and Sent Files are almost always empty. Thanks for a great product!

Deb c.

I love the full version of SimplyFile! Best buy I have made in a long time! Thank you and keep the great products and the improvements coming.

Ronnie M.

I manage an R&D dept. - I recieve 300-600 emails a week for various projects with approx 60 folders (one for each project). I noticed I was spending 3-4 hours each week filling emails into these folders, a Co-Worker told me about your program so I gavce it a try. I am down to under 30mins of filling now, this is a huge win for me and the company.

Justin S.

This product has changed my stress level from constant angst to totally mellow. I recommend it to all my friends and associates.

Dan Z.

I am happy to recommend SimplyFile to anyone I know. It's really a great solution and it helps me organize my emails fast and efficient. I receive a lot of emails every day and my inbox fills up pretty fast. But after using SimplyFile I can quickly move the mails to their designated folder instead of having to scroll and then drag and drop. Less emails in my inbox equals less stress

Dennis F.

I am an attorney who keep sub-folders in Outlook for each client matter. I have been spending as much as an hour a day moving messages into those folders, and I am using the product to reduce that time radically.

Andrew K.

I am a long time GTD advocate and whilst NetCentricx GTD outlook add in is pretty good, your tool blows it away when it comes to processing/filing. I get easily 80-100 emails per day. You tool allows me to process these in an hour or so at the end of my day. Clear inbox = Clear mind.

Scott P.

Also, I LOVE your program! I've been a Boomerang user for a few years now and decided to check out some other kind of program. I Googled, of course, and found yours. This might sound trivial, but among the MANY features of your program I really appreciate how quickly the email message leaves my inbox after I select snooze. With Boomerang there would always be a delay of several seconds before that would happen so I had been accustomed to snoozing a message and then sitting and waiting. I will GLADLY recommend your program to anyone I know. The pricing is great too!

Bob K.

I am a senior partner in a large Washington DC law firm, and it's vital for me to keep correspondence about the different clients and matters I deal with archived in an organized fashion. I have 300+ outlook folders and used to spend as much as 30 minutes a day moving my Accupoint with my index finger and then pushing down with my thumb to right-click, to the point where I developed painful arthritis in my thumb joint. SimplyFile's ability to predict the correct folder 90% of the time and thus allow me a single move is a real life-saver. I'm moving to new Mac computers but have made personal purchases of Windows and Outlook 16 so that I can continue to manage my mail with your product. Thank you so much, please keep evolving it!

Paul M.

I work with multiple projects daily - and could never get the discipline to file emails and attachments. After 28 days of using the trial version, with everything now filed correctly, I can't live without it. I use Simply File, EZ Detach and Message Save - they are excellent!!!

Via an anonymous feedback form.

Absolutely the BEST utility I have ever seen by a large margin! Fantastic work folks, thank you!

Cortland H.

This product is probably one of the best instant productivity improvements I have ever come across - I recommend it all the time... It is FANTASTIC

I have just been forced to reinstall your product following a hard drive failure on my laptop and two days without SimplyFile on a spare laptop - it was a nightmare... I could not now contemplate working without your product

Tim F.

I absolutely love the program! I used to have to set up rules for my many Outlook folders, but no more - it's a dream!

Robin M.

I oversee large teams of workers who are managing legal technology support for law firms. I get 200 to 350 work emails a day and they all need to be maintained in their appropriate sub-matters (~50) for workpaper documentation. Simplyfile is a HUGE aid in this process which would normally take over an hour each evening for me to accomplish.

Bernard B.

Rules kill my Outlook -- SimplyFile works great. Clears the inbox every time. I went from having 200 email in inbox to 0 each day.

Via an anonymous feedback form.

I've been testing many different filing add-ins for Outlook. Yours is the first one that works. I filed my inbox in minutes(451 items).

Patrick D.

All e-mail communication is very important in my business (accountant) so I must have the right tools to work easy and comfortable and not spending all day long selecting and placing the messages in the right places. Thank you for developping this magnificent product!

Via an anonymous feedback form.

A receive a lot of email daily and I also travel most days and it becomes difficult to maintain a "well processed" inbox. SimplyFile makes my life so much easier.

Via an anonymous feedback form.

This is an excellent program- I used it for the trial period and when the trial was over, I quickly realized that it was something I would rather not work without.

Via an anonymous feedback form.

Filing the hundreds of emails I receive at work and their responses every day. I was spending hours once a month to file all my "sent" emails - what a chore! I've been using it for 10 minutes, and it's already so worth it!

Via an anonymous feedback form.

I found your software after some web searching last week, as I realized I have been spending hours every week dragging incoming and sent emails to their proper client folders. First I looked at ways to make Outlook rules, which I quickly determined was much too cumbersome (and might not even work for my particular situation). Then I searched for software and somehow I found yours. It installed seamlessly and started working instantly, after I read about two sentences of instructions. All I can say is "why couldn't I have found this years ago???!!". I can only imagine the countless hours of my life I would have back to do more productive things than dragging emails into folders! This is great software and I'm so glad I found it!

Kathleen C.

I'm an attorney and save all received and sent emails in Outlook folders corresponding to matters I work on. I was looking for a product that moved messages from an Outlook/Exchange file and while considering EZDetach, came up a recommendation for SimplyFile. It's life changing: no more spending all my time dragging and dropping hundreds of emails into folders every day!

Via an anonymous feedback form.

Fantastic product - makes filing messages a breeze! My old computer crashed and during the few days I used my new computer without SimplyFile, I really realized what a time-saver it really is! Can't live without it!

Via an anonymous feedback form.

I have been using SimplyFile for a little while and had to purchase it -- it is too helpful to let the trial period expire. It is fantastic and Microsoft should promote it because it makes using Outlook a pleasure. It is brilliant work and I am glad to have a license. Thanks a ton for the product as well as the fantastic support.

Robert L.

Filing client emails and others into the proper Outlook folder. Can't imagine how you could make it any better! Including the amazing customer support :) SimplyFile is extremely easy to use and is saving me substantial time every day, plus it eliminates the possibility of dropping an email into the wrong folder. No issues and your customer service is top-notch!

Via an anonymous feedback form.

I use Simply file for Outlook and the functionality of your program is the only reason I continue to use Outlook vs Gmail.

Mike P.

I receive hundreds of emails per day and have an extensive list of subfolders for organization. SimplyFile saves me very valuable hours per week quickly filing away emails to their proper location and also improves accuracy in filing.

Ryan B.

I am a lawyer. Filing emails by client makes it easier for me to work on their cases. This product simplifies that process immensely. Great time saver.

Silvio N.

It is my absolute pleasure to share SimplyFile with my co-workers--thanks for noticing they've also bought licenses. It is the most useful piece of productivity software I have comes across in a long time. It's even better than the "Move" function on Outlook for Mac. I came across it by accident looking for some sort of solution to email filing and it really is the greatest. You should really be focusing on law firms for this! It's indispensable.

Matt C.

I use it to manage emails daily. I have hundreds of folders and so the service is essential to my being able to manage correspondence. It would be nice if the product worked with Macs. One of the big reasons that I continue to use PC for work is that I am a heavy email user and need SimplyFile to do my job. If SimplyFile worked on Macs, I would use a Mac.

Carl S.

In 30 days of trial I filed over 2,000 emails. This has become a major time drain and I don't know why it took me so long to look for a solution. I have well over 100 folders in Outlook and Simply File saves me about 1 hour per day.

Tracy J.

Getting buried by email in the inbox and I was able to quickly file over 4500 emails in 4 hours with your software when with previous methods I could only file 200 to 400 in that time period. I also love how I am prompted to file as soon as I reply which makes me so much more efficient and keeps the inbox low.

Nicholas M.

One of the most amazing tools I've seen. Surprisingly accurate in selecting the right folders to move emails, simple and stable. Sorted four thousand old emails in a few hours, and saves a lot of time every day sorting new incoming messages. Great tool, worth every cent!

Reto K.

My boss's boss suggested I try this product out. I was dubious at first - I never felt I had a problem keeping up with email, and I detest add-ins in Outlook because, well, they cause issues. Usually. Well, for better or worse, SimplyFile has made me blissfully lazy. Now I just leave notifications and alerts in my inbox until the end of the week and only file odd things that require a different kind of attention. Then I use "batch file" (not to be confused with the cmdline scripts, haha) and double-check that everything's going to the right places. Wham, filing work is done. I thought Rules in outlook were nice, but this is better because it lets you scan through to double-check first. With rules, you have to get it right the first time, and there's no option to modify one oddball email that otherwise would have fit the filter. So, three years and a version or two later, I'm still using SF. You're right up there with KeyText and OneNote in my book, now. And that's saying an awful lot. Anywho, thanks, and keep that batch file option... it's awesome.

Whitney C.

Great product, guys! I get 100-200 emails per day, and filing them was becoming a chore. I was so happy to learn about your product from my wife, who had heard about it via a podcast. What a time saver. I was able to install the 30 day trial software in 30 seconds, and it integrated seamlessly with outlook. I only use 2-3 of the features, but that in itself allows me to blow through a bunch of emails quickly. I am in commercial real estate, and time is money. The quicker I can get done with my emails,the quicker I can get back to my business development efforts. Emails can really bog you down and suck up a lot of time in your day. In a business where time is money, I really appreciate this product and I will definitely buy it after my 30 day trial is up. I have been telling everybody in my office about it. Thanks!!

James D.

I'm a busy helping professional. I work internationally and my ability to stay connected to my clients and students is essential to my business. Dealing with emails has become a burden, taking way more time than I had. With your tools, I'm now able to manage my email with ease. It's actually fun again. Thank you, thank you!

Via an anonymous feedback form.

I process hundreds of emails a day. I also keep a very lean system and don't like to install resource-hogging add-ons. Your SimplyFile is perfect. Thank you.

Via an anonymous feedback form.

This product really lives up my expectations. It saves me significant time each week making sure I file emails in the right project folders and then accessing emails much more rapidly when i need to find them for reference. Great product.

Tom E.

I'm using it to keep my inbox practically empty. I installed SimplyFile on Thursday morning with nearly 2000 emails in my inbox, then left work on Friday evening with only 2 emails that I was left to attend to! It is simply amazing!

Nathan P.

I cannot function without SimplyFile! I am a paralegal and need to save emails related to all of the many cases that I am assigned. I have so many subfolders that manually filing messages would take up all my day. SimplyFile makes it easy to file both incoming and outgoing messages on the fly. It's a huge timesaver!

Sarah H.

We file email correspondence according to a standardized naming convention that results in over 1,000 folders. Drag and drop takes hours, SimplyFile takes seconds.

Jon J.

This is great. Your claim is right on, I save hours a week, but, more importantly I have stopped being so agravated on Fridays when looking at my Inbox.

Via an anonymous feedback form.

It was between this and Outlook4Lawyers. Simply File + Message Save is a much better solution for me.

Via an anonymous feedback form.

Once you have used simply file, there is seriously no going back. If there is one product that has made my life so much easier this is definitely it. Simply file makes sorting and filing a message so much easier than using outlooks inbuilt features. Will be buying a second license for home

Aidan D.

I never give product feedback but in this instance, I am making an exception because SimplyFile is an exceptionally good product! I work for a large corporate law firm and the volume of email traffic is ridiculous. SimplyFile has made it so much easier to file and more importantly, subsequently find emails (because they are correctly filed). I haven't stopped signing its praises at work and am hopeful the firm as a whole adopts it.

James T.

I receive over 500 emails per day related to my job (not junk), and if I don't constantly manage them they become overwhelming and I miss important ones. I use this to keep my inbox clean so I can concentrate on the important emails while the informational emails I can simply file away for future reference if ever needed.

Danny R.

Each day hundreds of emails enter my inbox. My email filing system is broken down by project - each email is filed in the appropriate folder. SimplyFile allows me to quickly file email - not only incoming but outgoing as well. It's a huge timesaver. I've used Simply file for only 3 weeks and have already recommended to multiple colleagues. Fantastic program.

Jeff B.

I am just now finishing my second week of my 30-day trial of SimplyFile, and I have recommended it to all my co-workers. It has changed the way I work forever, lowering my response time and helping me to follow up more effectively. For those whose company limits their inbox size, it is an absolute necessity.

Adam W.

I whittled my Inbox down from 8800 items to 20 in a few hours, and now I am dealing with both sent and received messages when I send and receive them.

Via an anonymous feedback form.

I honestly hate using outlook without your products.

Siamak S.

I installed your SimplyFile program for Outlook a few months ago. Congratulations and thank you--for me, it has provided the best tech ROI in years. I have around 1500 folders in Outlook. I've had to rely on my memory and my naming system to file emails and find folders--quite a chore. Ever since Blackberry had a rudimentary algorithm to help this process (about 15 years ago), I've been hoping for something--anything--similar for the desktop. Microsoft kept "upgrading" over the years, but never provided any improvement for this aggravating hole in Outlook. Thank you for filling it!! Your program paid for itself in the first day of use. What a relief!

Irv S.

I use simply file it and have done for several years now. It is "Simply" Awesome and Efficient My outlook email application is tidy, my inbox and sent box is clean, the search function makes it easy to find an email or go directly to a folder, No Scrolling. I have recommended this product to both friends and colleagues. The frustration of organised emails has gone since using Simply File It and I Simply can't live without it. Thank You :)

Sharon H.

would not be without this now - it just makes life so much easier.

Barry B.

I have used this program for a few months and I must say I think it great - unobtrusive, intelligent and seems to easily follow the rather untidy way I work without harassing me! Well done.

Nigel S.

I typically have about 300-500 emails/wk come into my inbox and SimplyFile is the first product which really 'understands' how I want them filed. It saves me several hours a week by just being able to click the auto-file button in most cases.

Scott M.

SimplyFile is what all great software should be: easy to use, reliable, time-saving, and reasonably priced. I am surprised more people don't know about and use your product. I will tell my tech team about this product because it has served me well for 6 years and I just upgraded. Many thanks for your great product.

Chris C.

I have extensively trialled your tool and what can I say, it's amazingly simple and useful. All the people that say you should only have 3 email folders and not a logical structured folder system haven't seen your tool.

John H.

I love all 3 of my techhit products - ezdetach, messagesave and now simplyfile. In particular the new Simply File is saving me hours of email sorting time. SimplyFile cuts my email time down by hours a day. I do faculty support, and teach online and run WIKIs for my students and work collaboratively with other depts. The sheer volume of emails I get it obscene and with SimplyFile I can quickly stay organized as I read and reply the first time through.

Linda R.

Been away from Outlook for a while, but decided to return - not the least because I missed the "simply file" software

P. Sorensen.

SimplyFile is a brilliant program; I couldn't manage my emails without it!

Daniel K.

where has SimplyFile been all my life? This is wonderful. QuickPick makes PC Outlook work just like the Mac version!! So far it is guessing the right folder 100% of the time!! This will save WAY more than 30 minutes a week. Buying today.

Max B.

I've been using SimplyFile for a long time, and I love it. Your customer service is top notch in every way. Thank you very much for all you do at TechHit - you make my world a better place!!

Matha L.

Frustrated by the inability to easily organize, file, and LOCATE previously filed emails, I searched online, and read a few product reviews that recommended SimplyFile. NEVER before I have installed an application and have it be the cure for what ails me with such ease. SimplyFile adds an essential utility to Outlook that enhances productivity to an astounding degree!

Terri B.

I had over 1700 emails in my Inbox. Basically, this meant that I had no idea what I realy had. I used Archive to file messages. SimplyFile has reduced my Inbox to less then 100 emails and now I can easily find past emails. For the very first time, I actually feel organized! Thanks for the great product!

Michael D.

Superb. I had just switched back to Outlook from Thunderbird after trying but failing to get on with it. The one feature I missed was the tabs feature for folders in TB, but SImplyFile is much. Much better. It is already saving me large amounts of time in filing incoming emails - perhaps now I might really get organised. Great implementation from the accurate guessing of the right folder and HotKeys.

Nick Finer.

Awesome product - I've been using it for a year or so and couldn't live without it!! It really is the best email stress reliever and management system I've seen - everybody needs it!!

Robert H.

I have been looking for a tool like Simply File for over a year. I am ecstatic to have found this. I've been using it for only about an hour and it is EXACTLY what I've been looking for. This will save me probably an hour a day of time. Phenomenal product!

Evan F.

I think SimplyFile saves me more than one hour a week.... It saves the frustration of having to figure out where you want to file everything because it is automatic 97% of the time.

Barbara Mann.

I thought your products were pricey when I first bought them, but SimplyFile alone pays for itself and all the others many times over.

Colin B.

Is there any chance that you will bring out a version of SimpyFile for apple mail? I continue to use Outlook in Parallels on my mac for one reason only and it is SimplyFile. I don't know how people manage their email without this tool.

Andrew Wray.

I receive a ton of emails in a day, & throughout the week it slows me down big time. I used to have to spend at least 30 min. a day just filing messages away. It is instant now.

Kim W.

This product has changed my life, literally. I was able to reduce my inbox from several thousand emails to ZERO, and more importantly, able to stop increasing the size of my Sent Items folder, since now my reply emails are automatically filed. For a professional who bills by the tenth of an hour, I have saved thousands of dollars worth of time previously spent on organizing old emails.

David L.

Excellent product overall. I love the interface and ease of use. I tried all of your competitors, and even though a couple of the other products had a feature or two that SimplyFile did not have, I kept coming back to SimplyFile because it just seemed so well-designed. Unlike the other products, SimplyFile never crashed, and never seemed to slow down Outlook at all.

Ken G.

It just works! Just like a light switch, light on or light off. Simple. No surprises. I've used a couple of other Outlook add-on's, but I spent more time using them than I spent reading my e-mails, i.e., diminishing returns. If you're an Outlook user just get this. Now! You can thank me later ...

Dave C.

I am willing to switch to Mac from PC, however since Simply File is not available on Mac Outlook, i am very hesitant to buy an Apple Product.

Selim A.

I'm fastidious about organization. I keep all my e-mails in folders ... simplyfile has saved me countless hours of scrolling and filing. I'm still amazed at how intuitive it is ... that's why I was so eager to upgrade to v3. Great software guys. I recommend it frequently. This product just works! I really don't know of any improvements I'd suggest ... I'm a very satisfied user that is constantly recommending to my associates that they should buy simplyfile.

Donald H.

Your product absolutely ROCKS! I used to be SO OVERWHELMED with my inbox.. Now, it is completely EMPTY at the end of every day... I can't believe how much peace of mind that gives me..

Duane O.

Loved the last simplyfile version and I am even happier with the latest upgrade! Totally worth the price. I love the send, file, and file original button, and the go to folder button. these two features alone have already saved me time and aggravation. I am an inbox zero advocate and your product really helps me manage the deluge of e-mail I receive

Sarah J.

You have really underestimated the time this product saves me each day - I will not operate without it. My filing system is so large I cannot believe it is as accurate as it is. Great Job!!

Dan H.

The new feature to file an entire thread at once is brilliant. I had been away on vacation and amassed a little over one thousand emails while I was gone. I filed them all in just a couple of hours using your tool. The time it saved me in just one day is worth the purchase price. I recommend it to everyone I can.

Eric O.

I use the GTD system and SimplyFile allows me to file things as I want in the blink of an eye! Awesome product, saves me a ton of time! ...The product saves me so much time as it stands that I can't bear to be without it. I'm constantly trying to get my coworkers to use it (they are not fond of change). I would estimate it saves me an average of 45 minutes a day of dealing with email.

Jordy S.

I own a business, and as a business owner, I am supposed to also be operating that business. This is very hard to do when 90% of my time is spent processing emails instead. In other words, I get a ton of email and need whatever tool possible to help. I am a person that lives in Outlook. SimplyFile is by far the most underrated and most under appreciated piece of software on the planet. In a word, the Simply File add in saves me a ton of time. It is a very well developed piece of software.

William F.

SimplyFile is simply amazing. While I got it to help me manage the oodles of messages I send and receive each day, its purpose really has ended up being to keep me sane.

Marianne O.

Great product. Probably the best add-in for Outlook around. You guys should be proud. I just upgraded from 2.0 to 3.0- wow. The file thread and sender (and batch, for that matter) were all amazing. I am recommending to my colleagues.

John K.

I have hundreds of e-mail folders and receive between 500-600 e-mails per day that need to be filed after being read. I used to spend hours a day just filing my e-mails. SF correctly guesses the right file 95% of the time. When it gets the wrong file, it is super easy to just type the correct name and it finds it instantly. This one product has dramatically improved my efficiency at work. I used to dread going to meetings only to return to an inbox full of messages that would take forever to file; now it is very quick and efficient. I wish I had this product years ago!

Scott W.

I can't work without SimplyFile. It has had more impact on my productivity than any other tool I use!!! Call me one very satisfied customer :)

Michael H.

Getting my email into folders by typing the folder names. Creating tasks - excellent as out the box outlook 'drag and drop a task to outlook' doesnt include the email attachments in the task. By including an email copy you prevent this being an issue. You guys really need to sell the benefits of this (and the other features) for all the people who use GTD (like me). Really great app - it's saved me hours.

Rob A.

I am swamped with email and I need to file all of them including my replies. This product just gave me a couple of hours back in my week schedule. I used to find email management a chore. Now, it's so easy. Let them come, the'll get filed in a couple of seconds never to be heard of again...

Danny S.

Super easy to use and I got immediate value from it. Best 50 bucks spent in a while. I get so much email a day - over 200 messages, and this helps me get some type of control over the monstrosity that is my inbox. Thank you!

Corley P.

I have hundreds of outlook folders and 100 emails/day coming into my account. I find it extremely useful to quickly file individual messages, but even more useful is the batch filing feature and the conversation filing feature. I love the ability to CTRL-Y jump to any folder so quickly. Of course, a critical feature is the ability to send an email and file it in a specific folder. I upgraded to SimplyFile from SpeedFiler and have been thrilled.

Vin N.

I've been using Simplyfile for almost a year now and I can tell you that this is the coolest, easy-to-use, and most productive email application I've ever used.

Peter R.

I am the administrator for a law firm and I constantly need to refer to old emails. Simply file has been a life-saver when it comes to organizing emails and being able to find them quickly when needed.

Melinda K.

Your product is absolutely amazing and quite literally has changed the way I work with email (for the better). It is the most useful application I have ever downloaded, and I will never be without it. Over one weekend, I have cleared (organized and filed, not deleted) over 6,000 messages, and am on track to clear a two-year backlog in the next day or two. What a relief ... thank you for developing such a useful and well-thought-out piece of software.

Lloyd M.

I am managing several projects in parallel and I like to keep all the related emails of a certain project in one place. Also some emails I send do not need to be kept in my "Sent Items" folder. I do not have to sort out manually anymore, SImplyFile does it all for me and the predictive functionality is just mind blowing, it rarely gets wrong. The right destination folder if not the first one proposed is always the second on the list. Very impressive. It saves me so much time everyday.

Patrick V.

I receive tons of emails and I keep almost everything. I have all my emails sonce 1991 and have thousands of folders to classify them. SimplyFile is a great time saver. I've had some of my clients buy it too.

Michel F.

My work email is overflowing. I needed something to help get it under control. Even though I do have about 40 Outlook .pst files and many, many Outlook rules for incoming messages, our Exchange server disallows saving rules. All my rules are local. I have to run them manually. For these reasons and several more, I desperately needed something that was going to help me manage my Inbox and do it intelligently. I've had a 30 day trial of SimplyFile and just bought it, as well as the EZDetach and MessageSave. I hate having 60gb of .pst files and to have to remember where I've filed everything. I would rather get things OUT of my Outlook and onto the network so all my documentation is together. I'm hoping that this trio will get me to a happy place with my email. I've been really impressed with SimplyFile and imagine that the other 2 applications with be a excellent as well. Thanks for helping me get control, and doing it easily.

Enid W.

I am a CPA and I keep subfolders for each of my 300 clients. This product is perfect. I wish I had it 10 years ago. If only you were filming an infomercial when I first used this product, you would have caught me acting a fool, jumping and wildly proclaiming my amazement at the Simplyfile and its ease of use. I knew in less than 1 minute that I needed to recommend this to a co-worker who files emails as I do. Let me repeat that, I know within 1 minute of using this product that I needed to recommend to a friend. FYI, I recommended and he is as pleased as I am. Did I mention it literally took me less than 60 seconds to realize the power of this product!!!!

Bradley W.

I file everything! It's great to be able to pull up the folder for a particular job and have every correspondence available. I went from thousands of files in my inbox to a few per day. When the demo expired, I felt like I had lost a finger. I've recommended it to all my peers.

Kevin W.

I manage 4 different email boxes throughout the day. SimplyFile makes me more efficient by remembering where I've filed previous emails regarding the same subject in the past. It allows me to reduce the time I spend on admin work (creating/finding folders to file the conversations in) and focus more of my time on the tasks at hand.

Jessica J.

I am using SimplyFile to save me a ton of time on filing my emails in the proper folder. Your software has made me stop saying "Have I mentioned to day that I hate my email". I am also using QuickJump to get to network share folders that are deeply nested much faster than using the traditional navigation.

Jamil S.

filing e-mails into one of my 900+folders ... I'm very organized and simplyfile helps me enormously ... it simplyWorks!

Donald H.

I'm an attorney, Using to keep client and other emails emails organized in their correct folders. Awesome product. Significantly reduced my daily email stress. Wish I'd known about this product 10+ years ago.

Jennifer S.

For organizing all the hundreds of emails I get on a daily basis into the corresponding folders that they related to which saves me an incredible amount of time vs doing it manually. The SimplyFile product is wonderful for keeping my Outlook folders organized and clean without it I spend a tremendous amount of time managing folders by hand.

Josh C.

I spend a massive amount of time selecting folders to which I want to save sent items, or filing emails, and this has taken that off my hands. It learns and I am constantly amazed at what it can do for me!!

Kristen D.

I continuously recommend SimplyFile to my colleagues when they ask how to I keep up with my email inbox efficiently. This product never seems to go backwards, it just a consistent improvement with each release.

Melinda S.

And I have to say I LOVE SIMPLYFILE! It's the best thing to happen to Outlook since drag and drop . . . I get hundreds of emails a day for work and SimplyFile is the one and only tool that helps me manage the volume. Microsoft should pay YOU because you've improved their product in a significant way. It's fantastic.

Erik T.

I process dozens, if not hundreds of emails a day. I've been a licenced user of SimplyFile for a few years now. Today, while working away, I suddenly realised (and remembered) just how much SimplyFile makes my life easier. Seriously. SimplyFile is one of those jewel examples of small, dedicated software which does one thing EXTREMELY well and which, despite forgetting about it most of the time, makes a significant part of your life just that much better and easier in a real, quantifiable and tangible way. Great job!! :-) Thank you very much. You guys should be proud.

Todd C.

I love SimplyFile. It saves me a hundred hours a month of non-billable time. I don't know how I practiced law without it. It keeps my files organized and, it makes filing and sorting my emails a breeze.

Justin A.

I am an executive assistant, I am constantly being asked to duplicate or recall messages sent at my company. As such I keep every e-mail in a meticulous filing system and store offline via Outlook PST files. This product has minimized my arduous process of dragging and dropping files in each folder... scrolling up and down my file tree constantly. Even renaming them with numbering so that I can access quicker.

Leila T.

I own and operate a construction company. With about 100 sub-folders in my inbox, and a nearly empty inbox with GTD thought processes in mind, this product saves me incredible amounts of time and ensures proper filing of critical email, as well as non-critical email. I never erase, and I never lose anything, and my inbox is clear. Outstanding!

Marty P.

I use SimplyFile to simplifie the process of archiving emails. With 100s of folders in use it is almost impossible to remember where to store what by heart. And it saves a lot of time as this process becomes a single click operation. Great software, well done!

Nic V.

In my work as a Regional Sales Manager I have a lot of mail related to projects and certain people. Using SimplyFile has made it 100x easier to keep my inbox clean and messages in the project and people folders they belong in.

Matthew C.

Your estimates of 2 hours per week of saved time really don't do justice to the product. It's not just the quantity of time saved (which I think you grossly underestimate), but it's the nature of the work saved. I have 3 Outlook accounts and having to file each email I receive is just a massive PITA. What you guys have done has spoiled me to the point where Outlook is unusable without it.

Kirk F.

I have been using this product for something like 5-6 years now, and, while I'm always nervous about add-ins in Outlook (since the native Microsoft product can sometimes be touchy, even on it's own), I have not had even a single hiccup from SimplyFile in all that time. It even made the transition from Windows7 to Windows10, without missing a beat. Well done, team!

Dan H.

I LOVE SIMPLYFILE!!! This add-in gains hours in productivity and organization. It just "reads my mind" when I'm sending an email or knows what to do with an email that I've just read. Now if it could read the hundreds of emails I get per day, filter them, and generate the responses to the senders automatically for me...THEN you're talking (lol). Keep up the good work!

Tim D.

I used SimplyFile years ago and I had forgotten about it. I had 3000 plus emails in my Inbox and it tweaked on me again. A Google search and I found you guys again. Loaded the trial and bang 1000 emails filed. Such a relief. Thanks again for a great product still going strong and relevant 8 years on.

Glenn H.

Our users absolutely love SimplyFile. We have had it for several months and local IT (my department) gets almost NO tickets about it. Everyone keeps saying this is the best tech we've gotten in a long while. Thank you for a wonderful product!

Chelsea D.

SimplyFile, created by TechHit, is more than just good - it's a lifesaver. Since installing it, I've finally been able to get the emails in my inbox under control. continue reading...

I installed three Outlook add-ons from a San Francisco company, TechHit: SimplyFile, EZDetach and MessageSave. Within a day, I'd pared my inbox down from more than 2,000 messages to around 400. Not perfect by organizational-purist standards, but a huge accomplishment for me. More importantly, my newly lean inbox has remained that way and I generally know precisely where to find saved e-mails. continue reading...

SimplyFile's a game-changer from an efficiency standpoint. After a brief training period, its algorithm will begin to (more often than not) correctly anticipate your next move, saving you clicks in bunches, especially over time continue reading...

About EZDetach

I just found EZDetach and tried it out. I love it. It will save us hours of work here in the office. Thank you.

Dan C.

I spent a long time hunting for a application like yours and tried many. I must say that your product was by far the easiest and most reliable to do what I needed...

Colin S.

...I am continuing to evaluate your software, which I have compared with 6 other "attachment managers" and yours is by far the simplest and effective.

Nigel H.

Wonderful program!!!!! It took me all of 2 minutes of using the evaluation download to decide to buy.

Rick L.

I hope you get lots of orders for your fantastic product. I estimate that it will save me about 8 hours of work per week. well done.

Tim B.

Outlook nirvana! I'm an instructional designer, constantly sending and receiving large files as attachments. Our mail administrator has been sending me regular nastygrams about the size of my mailbox on the Exchange server. I installed EZDetach this morning, ran it on my Inbox and Sent Items folders, and set up rules to detach attachments as messages arrive or depart. My mailbox went from 76 MB to 26 MB in minutes, and I didn't lose a thing! Thank you for a terrific product!

Chris B.

Thats it! My .pst went from 47 mb to 1/2 mb! And guess what? half of the attachments are dupes. And it works on sent items.

Unknown (Usenet post).

I must say I have never been so impressed with an email management system! You program automatically organizes data in a way that is easy to understand and retrieve. The fact that you retain the link within the body of the email is an added bonus to me. It is as though you took a look at how I manually manage email and automated it.

David S.

Congrats on a very nice utility. Easy to use and quite useful.

Bill V.

A superior product. Something many people need but actually don't know it. For the price it is easily one of the best utilities I have ever puchased.


I really like this program, have been looking for something like it for a while.

Mark K.

EZDetach - Bravo!
Just a quick note, EZDetach is extremely intuitive, and works great. Simple to install, use, etc. - Congratulations and keep up the good work!


I am currently evaluating your product, which closes a serious Oultook feature gap...

Cyril H.

Nice tool, small, effective...

Ivar S.

I am a consultant with a heavy email load. For the last couple of months, I was forced to archive every couple of days as I was hitting my server limit. I heard about this, saw the price was reasonable and figured I would try the free trial. I haven't hit my email limit ONCE since I have been using this product. I love the fact it sorts all my attachments by who sent when one of my clients say "I sent that to you last week", all I have to do is go to their folder and...voila! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!! In fairness, I can't really rate the website. Didn't really look at it! But I have been using the free trial for a few weeks now and, even though I paid for the expenditure personally, it was worth EVERY PENNY! This product is beyond easy to use, configure and install. So happy!

Deborah M.

My job receives several hundred emails with attachments each day. We must manually open each one to see what the attachment is and file it in its own newly created folder. Thanks to EZDetach, we should be able to save many, many hours by not having to do it manually. Good job folks!

Loren A.

Fascinating program, I'll be registering very soon!

Dave P.

congratulations, this is a great product and I would like to discuss a site licence.

Chris S.

I just discovered EZDetach this morning, it is a great tool to streamline the process for our clients.


I just came across this utility and now I can't stand not using it! It helped a lot to keep my mailbox clean. Keep up the good work.


This is a great add-in to Outlook! It streamlines a process that was previously very cumbersome at best.

Chris C.

I downloaded EZDetach this morning, already it is indispensable!

Tim W.

I have been playing with your product EZDetach and I think it is awesome. I especially love the Unzip feature...


...I wanted to say, nice product! I have been looking at a few of these and this is the nicest one thus far....

Christian G.

Great product!!! I'm not sure how I ever lived without this little gem.

John M.

I'll vouce for this utility. It does exactly what it is supposed to, works on inbox and outbox and stores the attachments in the documents folder (or wherever you want).

Unknown (Usenet post).

...there is sweet little program called EZDetach ( that integrates into Outlook and can do some cute things with attachments.

Usenet post.

Very responsive service when we asked for customisations tailored to our company's needs. Look forward to more innovative products from your that make our most used tool - Email - easier to use.


great product. the only one i've tried that really works:)

Mary R.

This is just the best software add-on for Outlook if you need to save attachments and have a limited amount of mailbox space on an Exange Server.

Via an anonymous feedback form.

I get copies of 300+ store evaluations every month. These come via e-mail attachments. Every day, I would have to open and save each attachment one by one. With your program, I can select the entire day's worth of e-mails and pull all the attachments to save to a designated folder. Saves me at least 30 minutes every day.

Via an anonymous feedback form.

I just switched to Outlook from Eudora (yes, I know it is a very old program, but had some really nice features like the way you could handle attachments) and was very frustrated with the save attachment feature in Outlook. I like to save the attachments to a server with project files with an icon left in the e-mail indicating which attachment accompanied it. Could not do that in Outlook but with EZDetach I now can. Love it!

Via an anonymous feedback form.

Your product is great - with it I reduced the size of one of my project archives (PST file) from 600Mb to just over 100Mb. Not only does this make it possible to store more emails in a smaller PST, but it made my backup much faster, as the attachments never changed, but the PSt file changed every day. Now the unchanging attachments are on my hard drive and backed up once, while the changing PST file is much, much smaller!

Steve B.

Your products (MessageSave and EZDetach) are AWESOME! I am a IT Manager for a consulting company and our senior management people have very large PST files. These two products have been the Holy Grail I have been searching for nearly 3 years now. I will be buying more. Thank you!

Buddy S.

A great piece of software. All my email attachments are now neatly filed in My Docs with a link to each received email within Outlook and all done with one click. I can find files with ease rather than wandering about all my in box sub folders.

David E.

O-my-God! I've been searching for a product like this for months now. I run an online golf tour with about 100 attachments coming to me at once. downloading one-by-one was driving me nuts.

Eric D.

I love your product and it saves my HOURS of detaching files everyday. THank you a lot for coming up with this fine product, and keep me posted if you come up with anything new please.

Trevor S.

GREAT product. It shrank my PST file from nearly 2 gig to under 100 meg AND allows me to use google desktop to index my attachments.

Via an anonymous feedback form.

I can't believe I found this product. This software is saving me hours and hours of time.

Michael M.

How do you express thanks to a product that FINALLY solved the biggest problem faced by many outlook users. This product will enable me to finally reduce the size of my pst file as well as organizing and archiving my MANY attachments. I tried competitor's products but this is SO much easier to use. I am very happy with the product.

Mike T.

I receive a lot of pictures of my granddaughter attached to emails. My Outlook file was almost at the 2GB limit. EZDetach makes it easy to deal with.

Via an anonymous feedback form.

I receive monthly several emails with attachments containing important data. This tool will save me a lot of time going one by one to save those attachments, as now I can do it automatically with an Outlook rule when the emails start arriving to my inbox. The product is exactly what I needed. The trial worked perfectly and I bought a license less than 10 minutes after I tried it for the first time. Great job!

Luis M.

I have gone paperless, and scan 100% of everything. This makes it so easy to extract and save. Saves so much time. I scan to email then extract to dropbox. What a lifesaver..... Easiest product, and one of the handiest utilities ever. Love it.

Jay B.

I love Ez Detach and would recommend your program to anyone looking to shrink a bloated .PST File, combine that with super Tech Support and I'm a happy Camper.

Tom W.

I recieve over a hundred emails a day. And I use your ezdetach and messagesave to organize all the files and information I recieve. They are a miracle for me.

Via an anonymous feedback form.

I have been using EXDetach for over 5 years, at roughly 500 E-Mails a week, and have had NO issues with its use. It is fantastic. Not only does it keep my inbox under control, it also allows me to quickly find attachments by looking in the senders Saved Attachments folder - even months later. No more hunting for that elusive E-Mail.

Via an anonymous feedback form.

We have a field team with all iphones, so they can't easily rename pictures. That means for any photos they submit, we have to rename each one. With EZDetach, all they have to do is name the email subject correctly, and we have saved hours of time a day.

Via an anonymous feedback form.

I've outsourced scanning of paperbased mail. On a daily basis I receive 75-100 emails each with an attached pdf-file. To store these files in my document management system I've to detach them. Doing this one by one is a slow killer. EZDetach makes my work faster and funnier.

Soren M.

The first tool I want to show you is EZ Detach. It makes handling attachments in Outlook so easy. Let me show you... continue reading

About SimplyTag

I have been using Simply Tag for quite some time now. It is the BEST outlook category tagging system that I have utilized so far. I like how it predicts the category and it is quite often correct. I also like the ease at which you can categorize those that are not automatically found. GREAT PRODUCT !!!

Mark W.

As a manager of 60 people, I receive hundreds of mails per week on a wide variety of subjects. I developped my own tag 'taxonomy' and store everything in one big archive file. I used to use Taglocity, but it is not working fine in Outlook 2013. SimplyTag does, and is more userfriendly!

Raf M.

I am using it to keep my inbox clear of thousands of emails per week that I only need for reference and searching purposes. By having the ability to quickly tag and then search (key) those tags easily, I can be much more draconian about getting unnecessary emails out of my inbox so they are no longer distracting. This is a massive productivity boost and the only major reason why I did not migrate from Outlook on Windows to Outlook on Mac OS X.

Eric V.

I keep only 3 custom folders: MyTrash, To Process, and Save Permanently. I keep the emails that are in "MyTrash" for a year or so. For each email, I may simply delete it (to truly delete it), OR send it to one of my 3 custom folders. The KEY is that I tag any emails that go to my 3 custom folders - and Simply Tag is an easy (and *fun* - I kid you not) way to tag each email. Thank you for a great product. I love how your Support Team is so responsive to my questions. My whole experience with this product (from start to finish) has been stellar.

Rex B.

I manage our company's camp registration software and act like a help desk, but do not want or need a full blown help desk or project management software. I wanted something that could be completely managed in Outlook. SimplyTag works great for me! Thanks for a great product. Wish i would have found it years ago!

Patsy L.

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how well-designed I think Simply Tag is. It's easy to use and is invaluable in managing emails. It fixes some of the biggest frustrations of using Outlook. I'm very impressed with it, and I think the people who put this together deserve a big round of thanks for the hard work that went into this product.

Jim M.

About MessageSave

MessageSave is a brilliant app! It allows our small divorce mediation office to instantly save to client files (on our network server) important Outlook e-mail messages. We have found other applications designed for law offices to be unnecessarily resource intense, complex and unwieldy, and we soon abandoned them after trial usage.

With a right-click to MessageSave, a "Save To" option appears. A single keystroke of the companion program (QuickJump) allows typing the first few letters of a client name, and pointing to the associated file in the Save To option. Voila! The Outlook e-mail is archived and work flow continues.

Truly, one of the most useful and fairly priced applications I've encountered. Highly recommended!

Having used this product for approximately three months, we have found that it saves us hours each week, reduces the tedium of saving e-mails and paid for itself in a matter of days.

I just found your product, MessageSave, and downloaded your trial version. Wow! It took no more than 10 minutes to download, install, and configure a rule to save all incoming messages based on domain to subfolders (autocreating the domain name) on my hard-drive. I love this product. I'll be testing for stability, then purchasing in a few weeks. Thanks for such a super product! I couldn't imagine an easier product to use.

Lars M.

Yesterday I saw the email that MessageSave 5 came out of beta and simply bought it first and then started using it (learning it thoroughly). As the title of the email, just love it! Perfect match for Simplyfile (the previous version I did not use it much I must confess).

I created three Scheduler scripts that filter messages older than XX days and saves them to mapped folders deleting them afterwards. This way, I have automatically limited in those three folders the exponential growth without my intervention. One of this folders is the trash, so I loose nothing!

Thanks for the time, effort, insight and quality of your products.

Daniel Vareika

Just wanted to let you know how much I love version 5 of MessageSave. I upgraded from an old copy of version 3.x. I particularly like the new feature that remembers the folder where I usually store email messages from each sender. This feature has saved me tons of time - I'm doing a lot less browsing for folders.

Charles B.

Tried it thursday bought it friday and think its great.

David G.

This product should be made mandatory with Outlook. I have just downloaded a trial version and it does what I have wanted for some years. How can a filing system (Windows Explorer) be called a system if it doesn't capture all documents. Until now, all items could be stored in a project folder except email! Now I can - thanks.

Stephen A.

Your products (MessageSave and EZDetach) are AWESOME! I am a IT Manager for a consulting company and our senior management people have very large PST files. These two products have been the Holy Grail I have been searching for nearly 3 years now. I will be buying more. Thank you!

Buddy S.

Excellent site with excellent products. I'd recomend anyone to use the message save utility, it is easy to use, has great features and includes a generous trial period.

Via an anonymous feedback form.

Amazing. That's all there is to say! At our university, there is a need to document activities that occur on campus, and many of that comes through our e-mail system. This is the best way to keep track of what's going on, and I'm going to recommend it to at least 2 departments first thing in the morning!

Morgan E.

just want to let you guys know how much I LOVE MessageSave. Truly has made my life easier. I tell everyone about it.

Andre B.

It's a great product! It will help us archive our e-mail with each project, and keep it together with all that project's drawings, documents and other electronic files.

Rich M.

Emailed a question to your team and the responce was as close to immediate that i have ever know, fantastic speed and great advise. for such a little program it savesd so much time for us.

Via an anonymous feedback form.

I use EZDetach to scan everything (which then arrives in my inbox from our copy machine) and re-save documents where I want them to go. It's so time-consuming without EZ-Detach because I have no human assistant. I also use MessageSave, which I absolutely LOVE. I'm an attorney and I need to get client-related emails out of one giant .pst file and into a client's directory on my computer. More than once my Outlook has crashed (or I've switched firms). Important client communications are generally stored only in a (dare-I-say-it) poorly-managed inbox somewhere on someone else's server. I routinely save all my email as .msg files in client directories. Further, I "batch save" all my emails to a hard drive directory of .msg files on a monthly basis so I know that if my Outlook stops functioning or becomes corrupt or whatever, I will have everything I need in more than one place. Thank you.

Laurie W.

I recieve over a hundred emails a day. And I use your ezdetach and messagesave to organize all the files and information I recieve. They are a miracle for me.

Via an anonymous feedback form.

I am VERY pleased with the product. Sometimes I pay for software and feel like I wasted my money. Not wih this software. It does EXACTLY what I needed, does is simply and does it well!

Via an anonymous feedback form.

For 10 years I have been looking to save e-mails in regular files, however up to this when I saved them I had nothing to go on other than a subject line and a date of saving. But now I have the info I need to search in the correct area where I want all my info ie on our company server and my colleagues can put their mails all in the correct location

James B.

MessageSave is a great tool for storing all my mail. It's great as all the messages are still able to be indexed by Windows once they're in folders. This speeds up the performance of my computer immensely.

Via an anonymous feedback form.

I run a commercial real estate development and building company. We have many projects underway and need to store documents and e-mail in the correct locations for quick and easy later retrieval. The combination of MessageSave and QuickJump is an outstanding and easy-to-use way to store, find and manage our e-mail documents.

Robert E.

I use MessageSave to help me 'tame the inbox monster'. My computer crashed and I did't have to worry about my messages. They were all backed up safe and sound. I highly recommend this productivity tool!

Pam I.

I absolutely love Message Save and have recommended it to a number of other lawyers, especially sole practitioners. As a lawyer, I have an obligation to retain copies of all communications relating to client matters. Because of how I store my computer records (each client has a folder and each matter for that client is a sub-folder, the range of other firms and businesses with which I interact is limited so communications with one person/firm/company could relate to any one of a number of matters), using Message Save as a stand-alone product works best for me. In a few, convenient clicks of my mouse, my obligations are met, my computer files are organised and my inbox is kept at a very manageable level (I use message save to completely empty my sent/outbox every few days - typically while I'm on hold on a phone call). I've saved many, many hours through use of this product and as a sole practitioner that's time that's then available to use on fee-earning work.

Leonie H.

I receive 100's of e-mails each day. Was using TimeMatters and the Outlook plug-in but it was slow and when we upgraded to Office 365 the plug in to save the e-mails to Time Matters wasn't compatible. Your product save the day and is easier and faster to use.

Tom M.

I am an attorney and have been searching for a long time to find a product that would allow me to easily save Outlook emails into client folders outside of Outlook. MessageSave does exactly what I need, and does it well. I am glad I found this product.

Brian T.

I have large volumes of emails and documents that must be organized and kept for over 3 yrs. My .pst file was so large it was causing problems with my computer functions. This is a PERFECT solution...THANK YOU.

Barbara B.

MessageSave is an essential tool for handling email. It is a must have tool for lawyers and other professionals who need to quickly and efficiently file email.

Erhan K.

I work in a Law Office, and am the primary 'file management' and 'billing' person. In conjunction with EZ Detach, this software has become essential for purposes of paperless retention of email communications with clients (which is vital) and has markedly increased my billing productivity.

Susan K.

I'm an attorney. I use SimplyFile to file all of my emails with attachments. I also use EZ-Detach to download everything clients (and others) send me electronically. I *LOVE* MessageSave because it allows me to not only file all my emails by client as .msg files but it also allows me to archive all (yes, ALL) of my emails every month. I can move them out of my inbox and know exactly where to find them. Thank you for phenomenal products.

Laurie W.

I downloaded the trial version of MessageSave yesterday while tidying up my inbox in advance of "start of term" here in the UK. It is BRILLIANT and I will definitely buy the subscription when the trial period ends. MessageSave allows for the exact thing I have been searching for - namely full and easy transfer between what I had till now had to work with as two complete but siloed systems in our work - Outlook and Documents. The fact that I can file the pdf'ed emails directly into Dropbox allows my assistant and I to work smoothly without having to forward and/or copy emails that are relevant to our work together. Thank you so much for creating this!

Marianne H.

I like the messagesave programme. It is very helpful for the type of work we perform. We are an Aeronautical-Engineering Consultancy. I have 10 people working in my business and MessageSave allows us to easily group all the emails for each job into the job-folder (together with all the photos, word documents etc.) so everything related to that job is stored in one place and any member of my staff can access that information if they need to work on that particular job.

Denis B.

I am using -- dozens of times a day -- your MessageSave add-in to Outlook. I save my important e-mail messages, and all my business files, to a server located down the hall in our office. We are involved in dozens of real estate development projects, and there are many hundreds of folders where data is routinely stored. When I use MessageSave to send an e-mail message or file one that I received, MessageSave looks at my message and guesses where that message should be saved. Its predictive accuracy is amazing! If the message is addressed to an attorney who is involved in a half dozen projects, somehow your genius program usually guesses right as to which project the message relates and into which folder it should be filed. Then, once it has moved the message to the correct location on our file server, it shows me where it put the file and gives me a chance to change my mind in case I prefer to file it elsewhere. Your application is so damn smart! Thanks for your brilliant work.

Rob E.

I use a product named FileCenter to collocate different types of related documents in a single folder or "drawer". MessageSave lets me easily store email associated with a project or topic in the same folder as the other documents for that project or topic.

John V.

We are a large Australian and International Engineering Consultancy. We have large amounts of emails which are required to be saved as date, time, from/to format. Currently we forward to document control and messages are saved individually and manually. This is time consuming and file folders are not up to date. Message safe does the job faster and easier in a formate that complies with our Quality Management System.

Chris H.

We are a law office and receive dozens of emails daily that relate to many different files. We were thrilled to find that we could set the file naming to match the one we've been entering manually for each saved message, and then save the related messages in batches to the appropriate file. This program saves us hours of time each week in file management!

Nicole B.

There are distinct advantages to using MessageSave as your email archive engine, beyond basic retention and compliance concerns, especially when its prowess is combined with the strengths of QuickJump and EZDetach. continue reading...

About QuickJump

QuickJump is an incredible piece of software. We first tried it in combination with MessageSave and ended out using it all the time.

We are an IP firm in Canada and are dealing with more then 50,000 files each having it's own sub directory often with subdirectories. With QuickJump we can really jump into any of those sub in a flash.

QuickJump and a bit of methodology and I believe we might never need a Document Management system.

My only regret : I wish I had coded it myself.

Mario Fortier.

This is a GREAT program. I use a lot of folders to keep my files organized (such as by project). This helps me find things but getting to the folder I need can be a pain. QuickJump makes this SO MUCH EASIER!!! Definitely a "must-have" program for me.

I'm trying out SimplyFile as well and plan to purchase this soon.

I just wanted to say thanks for some great programs and to everyone reading this - try these programs out, you won't be disappointed!

James Wise.

Just wanted to thank you so much for QuickJump and SimplyFile. It has completely changed our office for the better. We've increased our revenue by at least 7% by saving time and responding to clients quicker. We're also joining our barcode scanners to the QuickJump system so that we can scan our paper files and jump directly to the source file. Even the computer-challenged staff use it daily without any hiccups, and I get thanked every week! The programs are ultra-simple, but as powerful as anything we've ever seen in our 5 years of searching for something similar. Thank you thank you thank you!

Troy B.

QuickJump is phenomenal. I have used literally a hundred different utilities to help speed up my computer work and I rank this software in the top 5 of all time. And I have only been using it for a month! The time savings of this superbly designed software is phenomenal. I would say I save 20 minutes to maybe 45 minutes a day using QuickJump.

From a scientific perspective, the software alleviates the user of mundane yet simultaneously absorbing duties of finding and creating folders on a network or local drive. The software eliminates the non-value added time spent searching for these folders. One final thought... QuickJump is flawless. For a software not released for public consumption on a large scale, I have never seen a bug or seen it fail. I know of other softwares that have considerable history that are extremely buggy and yet purport to be stable. Yet QuickJump, along with the other softwares like SimplyFile, MessageSave and EZDetach have been literally flawless. With amazement, I can say that I have never experienced a bug. I have tried to break it but it refuses to break.

Congratulations on such excellent software. Am buying licenses for all my staff for all your software. Will save me thousands of dollars a year for my company. Can't beat that!

Paul Rak, VeriForm Inc.

I am a wedding photographer and have need to navigate to folders within folders as a frustrating but inevitable part of my work flow. One day I decided to search the net just in case there was a quicker of navigating and came across this bit of software.

I cannot believe how good this software is. It is very simple to use, saves me a considerable amount of time and I believe is saving my sanity,

In the two weeks I have used it I have not found a single bug and believe me I have hammered the application!

Thank you for writing this very useful bit of software which I highly recommend to anyone whose work flow requires a lot of folder navigation. ted to say thanks for some great programs and to everyone reading this - try these programs out, you won't be disappointed!

Jonathan Trueman.

I navigate through folders practically all day long. I primarily purchased it to use with MessageSave, but I find myself relying it for a lot of things.

I am a trial lawyer with a computer science background. I am most pleased with the quality that goes into your software. No exaggeration, it simply blows me away. Keep up the great engineering. Same goes for MessageSave.

Thomas V.

I downloaded 4 trial versions, including SimplyFile and QuickJump, which were my intended apps. I just installed and practiced those 2 for the last 30 minutes. I mastered them in about 15 minutes, but they are soooo good that I kept playing with these new-found wonders. SERIOUSLY AMAZING! I already know I will be buying at least those 2. [Still have to demo the other 2]. I can see I will be saving a huge amount of time! These are by far the best add-in apps I've ever used. I've tried a lot, all with bad to mediocre results.

Thomas V.

QuickJump is a tremendously useful utility that hit on a need I didn't even really know that I had. Now that I'm using it, I know how much time I was wasting before clicking through my directory structure. Thanks for developing another great product!

Mark Schmitt.

Makes saving quicker because the target folders may be dispersed over many drives in deep folder structures. quickjump is THE shortcut I'm waiting for since starting with Win3.11!!!!!

Guenther Bosch.

QuickJump is an awesome piece of software! I use it to easily find folders on my 13 hard drives and haven't had a single problem using it. Thank you for making such a great tool available to those of us in need.

Dave Sibley.

I have many files on my laptop computer and QuickJump has made my life so much more easier by being able to search for a file. The product is already great as it is! This product is the best one I have ever seen and has made my productivity so much more easier and smooth! I have so many files and documents on my personal laptop computer and being able to quickly search for them through Quick Jump has been so easy! I've recommended this my friends and family already! Keep up the good work!

Tooba D.

QuickJump has become one of those "must have" utilities for my computer.

James Wise.

QuickJump is one of those seemingly simple applications you don't appreciate until you use it - and then you wonder how you managed to work without it for so long.

Susan Ward.

I have just upgraded to V2 of Quickjump. I've been using this for years now and am completely reliant on it. I couldn't estimate the amount of time it has saved me, but it would be huge. My work involves moving between many folder trees, and this program is invaluable.

Jim A.

I am using Simplyfile for Outlook and it a great peace of software. It really helps me during my workday. Being able to quickly and intelligent move emails from my inbox is a great help. Makes me much more productive in a stressful day with a lot of emails.

Dennis F.

QuickJump is good for anyone who deals with hundreds of files, organized in several folders/sub-folders and also for everyday Windows' users. It saves on time without consuming many resources.

QuickJump fixed THE absolutely huge annoyance I've lamented for years. As an attorney (without staff) seeking the holy grail of a paper-LESS office, I save and open files every few minutes, all day long.

Layne Peterson.

I've been practicing transactional law for 18 years and have tried/used many technology tools. If productivity and ease of use are important to you, then SimplyFile and QuickJump are absolute no-brainers. Having tried them for just a couple of weeks, I'll never be without them again. They are the best technology add-ins I've ever used.

Matt S.

We are trying to go paperless and have subfolder, upon subfolder, upon subfolder on our server; this makes it so much faster to get to the right location to save and lookup documents!

Janet K.

The BEST and COOLEST software program I have ever seen for this purpose. It has saved me lots of time and eliminated folder drill down headaches. Thanks!

Ken H.

I am very meticulous in having everything saved in My Documents and different folder levels so everything is in its proper place. With QuickJump I can now go straight to the folder I need - many times a day! The time I save more than pays back the $30 in the first day of use.

Howard O.

I just wanted you to know that I have been using QuickJump for some time now and find the product truly amazing. It has saved me so much time in filing my email messages and it has paid for itself many times over. Thanks for a wonderful piece of software. I also use MessageSave and EZDetach which are equally magnificent.

Stephen O.

I am using QuickJump for our file system folders. We keep all of our files electronically but end up with about 6 folders deep to get to a main file. By using QuickJump, I can start tying in a folder name and's there. Too easy to use. I love the program.

Cheryl M.

I really love both QuickJump and SimplyFile. I've always kept my files organized, but it took probably 5 times longer to click through the various folders to get to the one I wanted - with SimplyFile and QuickJump, I'm a click away.

Steve D.

I can't live without SimplyFile. I was lamenting the fact that their wasn't a SimplyFile for the file system. And I looked at your site to suggest you build this. And there was QuickJump! I cannot say enough good things about TechHit. I use SimplyFile over a hundred times a day.

Mike M.

I am so glad to have come across QuickJump as I was looking for Outlook Add-Ins. It's a gem - quick, non-resource intensive, easy to use, incredibly accurate, and able to understand words as components in the path to a folder.

Chris D.

I'm using SimplyFile and since today also QuickJump, I thought you are due for a big applause: these 2 apps are simply the best productivity addons I've come along for day-2-day use yet. I'd say, in addition to they great functionality the ease of use, stability, lightweight cpu use and fair pricing makes them highly recommendable. I hope you'll stay around for a long time as I'm looking forward to your future product releases.

Oliver H.

CTRL-SHIFT-J = the three greatest words in the English language! Have used this for a decade and have always loved it. I have used your "tools" for years. They may be simple tools, but you are the best software app company on the planet as far as I am concerned.

Ken H.

I have MessageSave and QuickJump. I use them 50 or more times a day. I don't know how people get by without these extraordinary applications. I run a commercial real estate building and development company just across the GG Bridge from you. I get, and send, hundreds of e-mail messages a day, and you have given me the way to store all the important ones organized by project and issue within each project. I can find important communications quickly because they are all suitably organized and available on our server. All that, thanks to your applications.

Robert E.

Wanted to let you know I would pay 10x as much. QuickJump has saved me countless hours of drilling down to the gazillion folders I have on my system. I tell everyone I meet about this program. The only side effect is it is very irritating when I work on a machine without QuickJump. Cheers!

Curtis S.

This is, without question, the most critical software utility we use on a minute-to-minute basis every single workday. In a work environment in which we have more than 100,000 Windows folders, QuickJump literally saves hours of time every day finding and jumping to the correct folder.

Michael R.

This is an especially useful tool for attorneys who have many matters pending and closed and likely have all those matter files and matter subfiles organized ad infinitum on their computers. continue reading...

About SendAware

I love that it installed so seamlessly and works flawlessly. Not over engineered. Simple to configure. Unobtrusive in operation. Does exactly what I want and no more.

Craig R.

About AccountCheck

I own a business and also work part-time for a university. I have Outlook email addresses for both. As someone with ADHD, remembering to send emails from the correct email address was a challenge. I like how AccountCheck double checks this for me - it's one less thing to stress about. I love that it installed so seamlessly and works flawlessly. Not over engineered.

Tess S.

About SnoozeIt

I'm the head of HR for a multi-national employer in the education industry. The volume of email I get is extraordinary and it's round-the-clock because our operations are essentially 24 hours a day since nighttime in the US is daytime elsewhere. SnoozeIt is my most recent purchase, and so far I like it a lot because it helps to keep my inbox clear. The time options are great because after doing this job for so many years I have a good sense of when I'd like the message to pop back up. So far, it's working well. I found SnoozeIt when I was showing my assistant the product I've used for years... SimplyFile. SimplyFile has completely changed how I work and I'd be lost without it. In HR, the need to organize and quickly find emails is vital. I already had a very good file structure, but I couldn't keep up with it. Also, I never had the time to grab my sent items and file those. So, when I found SimplyFile, that changed everything. I've been using it for years and I love it!

Via an anonymous feedback form.

After using the Mailbox app on my phone, I grew accustom to snoozing my inbox. I decided to search for a tool that offered the same functionality. I tried a competing product and it was a mess setting up and wasn't very user friendly. I already use TwInbox, so when I saw your product, I knew it would work well. I downloaded the trial and have been using it for the past month. So far I have no complaints. This product was exactly what I was looking for.

Quinn E.

I use to save my life. I cant keep track of everything I have going on by just relying on my own brain. SnoozeIt lets me bring conversations, projects, and information back into my awareness when I need it. This is why I can sleep at night, keep my vitals from exploding, and live a productive life.

Chris S.

About TwInbox

I just found and downloaded twinbox today for my work computer, seems the most efficient and office appropriate client available, no web client could compare. I have already shared twinbox with several friends who use Outlook on different levels. I live by Outlook, if its not in my calendar, contacts, or tasks it doesnt exist to me during the week.

Many Thanks for making twinbox, it looks like a hit for corporate enterprise users like myself.

David B.

Frankly, Twitter could have disappeared and I wouldn't have missed it. That was my personal feeling until yesterday. I tried the Twitter web interface, Tweetdeck. I still felt that way about Twitter although TweetDeck was a little better. Then Rod Trent told me about TwInbox. I'm subscribed to several listservs I browse occasionally within Outlook.

With TwInbox, I can do the same exact thing with Twitter. I don't have to feel like I need to keep Twitter constantly up and being distracted. I don't mind Twitter now. Lol Being able to keep up on Listservs and Twitter within Outlook rocks!

Steve S.