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TechHit was founded in 2002 in San Francisco. Our primary mission is developing software to Outlook users "email problems".

We asked many professionals - "what are your biggest email problems?". The answers were invariably "too much email", "out of control Inbox", "I have thousands of email messages in the Inbox", "Outlook is running slowly because my mailbox is too big", etc. Email is certainly one of the biggest sources of stress and pain-points of today's office workers.

We offer great products that deliver on their promises and provide unparalleled customer-centric support. Our products will help you become more productive and save you time. Read customer testimonials. Try our products and experience the productivity gains for yourself. We are looking forward to hearing from you and hope that you will join our customer family.

Many people have commented on how they can not imaging using Outlook without our products anymore.

"I have run across the absolutely coolest application that I have seen in a long time ...and it has quickly become indispensable to how I work"

David Bilinsky, an attorney and a blogger.

"An empty inbox is a good inbox. SimplyFile intelligently makes filing messages a one-click affair."

Heinz Tschabitscher, the About.com email editor

SimplyFile - Intelligent filing assistant for Microsoft Outlook. Save at least one hour per week on managing your email messages.
SimplyTag - categorize Outlook messages. If you use categories to organize Outlook email, SimplyTag is for you.
MessageSave - save Outlook messages. Is a power-tool for archiving, saving and sharing email messages.
EZDetach - save Outlook attachments. Turns tedious tasks into a very simple process and reduces your PST and mailbox size.
SnoozeIt - manage To-Dos and actions in the Inbox. Do not lose track of important tasks and actions in your Inbox.
SendAware - prompt before sending email to external recipients. Prevent costly and embarrassing mistakes.
QuickJump - instantly jump to any Windows folder. No need to click through deep folder hierarchies to find what you are looking for. Works in any Windows application.

We use our own products every day and are constantly working on improving them, based on user feedback and our own experience.

TechHit is based in San Francisco, California, US. We are self-funded and profitable.

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