Quickly switch between open application windows

You switch between windows and applications hundreds of times every day. Get several seconds of your life back every time you do it.

Save several seconds hundred times a day

You are switching between windows and applications hundreds of times a day. With JumpToWindow, you will save seconds every time you do that.

Type just few letters and jump

Type just a few letters of the application or window name and jump to it. No need to hunt with Alt+Tab or reach for the mouse.

Preview window content before you jump

If you have several windows with a similar name, JumpToWindow can show you a semi-transparent preview of the window content.

Familiar type-ahead interface

JumpToWindow uses a very similar type-ahead interface to our other products. If you use SimplyFile or QuickJump, try JumpToWindow. You will like it just as much!

System Requirements

Upgrade your Alt+Tab
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