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SimplyTag Commands

SimplyTag user interface is represented as buttons on the Outlook Ribbon Home Tab. It is optimized for fast access.


In order to save space, not all SimplyTag functions and buttons are visible by default. Use the Toolbar tab of the Options window to configure which buttons are shown.

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For even quicker access to the SimplyTag functionality, you can configure hotkeys for its most frequently used commands. Hotkeys will allow you to work even faster without taking your hands off the keyboard. See Hotkeys tab of the Options window.

SimplyTag buttons on Outlook Ribbon

SimplyTag User Interface is displayed on the Home tab of the Ribbon.

SimplyTag on the Outlook Ribbon

SimplyTag Commands

One-Click-Tag Button

The three buttons in the left column. They display the most relevant categories (tags) for the currently selected message. Click a button to assign the category to the selected message(s).


If you press the Ctrl key while clicking the Tag Message button, SimplyTag will not apply a move action even if one is configured for a particular category.


You can choose to display one large button instead of three smaller ones on the Toolbars tab of the Options window.

Tag With Drop Down

The Tag With drop-down will display the next several suggested tags in the order of relevancy. If the One-Click-Tag button is not showing the right category, you can click one of the categories listed here.

Clear All Tags

Removes all categories from the selected message(s).

Select Tags

Opens the QuickTag Window.

QuickTag Button

Opens the QuickTag Window.

Go-To-Folder Button

If you use Move To Folder Actions, this button allows you to quickly navigate to an Outlook folder into which you recently moved a message.

TaskIt Button

Use this button to create an Outlook Task from the currently selected message. The task will be populated with the message subject and body. The original email message is attached to the task, so you can easily access it in the future.

Configure a reminder on the new task, so Outlook notifies you when it is time to work on it. After that you can file the original message out of the Inbox to keep the Inbox small.

Using Tasks with reminders is a great way to manage future TODOs and follow-ups without cluttering your Inbox.

ScheduleIt Button

Does a message require a follow up meeting? Use this button to create an Outlook Appointment or Meeting from the currently selected message. The Calendar Item will be populated with the message subject and body.

After you create the Appointment or Meeting you can file the original message out of the Inbox to keep the Inbox small.

Allows you to quickly perform an Outlook search for messages related to the selected message. You can search for messages with the same tags, sender, recipient or subject. It is a great way to quickly lookup messages related to the one you are working with.

SimplyTag Drop Down Menu

The SimplyTag Drop Down Menu is the last command on the SimplyTag Ribbon or Toolbar. It is labeled More.

Click on that menu to see additional SimplyTag commands. All commands listed below are located there.

Manage Categories And Actions

Opens the Manage Categories.

Options Button

Opens the Options Window.

Tell A Friend Button

We hope that you will love using SimplyTag. So much so that you would like to share its benefits with a friend. Use this command to compose a note about SimplyFile to your friend.

Rest assured - the email will not be sent without your approval!

Give Us Your Feedback Button

We would love to hear what you think about SimplyTag. Send us a note, we are looking forward to hearing from you!


Displays SimplyTag User Guide.

Check For Updates Button

Check to see if a newer version of SimplyTag is available.

About TechHit SimplyTag Button

Opens the SimplyTag About Window, where you can see SimplyTag version and your license information.

Enter License Key Button

After you have purchased a license, use this command to enter your license key into the product.

Buy Now Button

Use this command to purchase a license key after you have taken the evaluation version for a spin and liked what you saw.