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Options Window

You can configure settings which affect how some of the SimplyTag commands work using the Options Window.

Tagging Tab

Tagging tab of the SimplyTag Options window
Mark Messages As Read

Enable this option to have SimplyTag mark messages as read when tagging them.

Prompt To Tag Messages I Send

Enable this option to have SimplyTag prompt you to categorize the message every time you send one. Disable this option if you prefer not to be prompted every time you send a message.

Do Not Prompt To Tag Automatic Messages

Enable this option to have SimplyTag not display its prompt to tag automatically sent messages, such as auto-replies, mail-merge, etc.

Apply Folder Move Action To Send Messages

Apply move action to sent messages.

Copy Tags From The Original On Reply Or Forward

If a message you are replying to has categories assigned to it, SimplyTag will automatically select the same categories to be applied to the reply.

AutoTag New Incoming Messages

Enable automatic tagging of incoming messages.

AutoTag Apply MoveToFolder Actions

Apply Move To Folder tag actions for automatically assigned tags.

Predictions Tab

Predictions tab of the SimplyTag Options window
Predictions Heuristics

Controls how SimplyTag generates category predictions.


Default and recommended option. Uses a combination of message attributes for tag suggestions.

Favor Content

Give more weight to message content.

Favor Senders

Give more weight to sender and recipient information.

Reset Suggestions

This button resets SimplyTag suggestion data. You will want to do this every time you change your category organization structure.

Suggest The Same Tags For Sent And Received Messages

Disable this option if you use different tags for sent and received messages and would like SimplyTag to learn about them separately. Most users will want to keep this ON.

Toolbar Tab

Use this Tab to control which buttons are displayed on the SimplyTag toolbar. If you are not using a particular command, you can uncheck it to hide its button and save some space on the toolbar.

Toolbar tab of the SimplyTag Options window
Toolbar Button Style
Image And Text

Display both button icons and text. This is the default.

Image only

Displays only icons without text. Takes very little space. Recommended for advanced users only.

Show 3 One Click Tag Buttons

This option controls whether to show one or three One Click Tag Buttons.


Even if you decide to hide a particular button, you can still quickly access its command using hotkeys.

Hotkeys Tab

Toolbar tab of the SimplyTag Options window

Use this tab to configure keyboard shortcuts (hotkeys) for SimplyTag functions. Hotkeys is an excellent way to make your SimplyTag usage even faster by eliminating the need to reach for the mouse in most cases.


Hotkeys along with the QuickTag Window make SimplyTag perfectly optimized for fast keyboard-based operation.

To specify a hotkey for a particular function, place the cursor into the corresponding edit field and hit the desired key combo.

Advanced Tab

Advanced tab of the SimplyTag Options window
TaskIt - Attach The Original Message

Enable this option to attach the original message to Tasks and Appointments created using TaskIt and ScheduleIt commands.

TaskIt - Include The Original Message Text

Enable this option to include the original message body in Tasks and Appointments created using TaskIt and ScheduleIt commands.

ScheduleIt Invite Message Recipients To The Meeting

Enable this option to have the ScheduleIt command create a meeting and invite the original message sender and recipients to it.

Max category display length

This value allows you to change how SimplyTag truncates long category names for the One-Click-Tag buttons. Set it to the maximum number of characters. Leave it at zero to use the default truncation logic.

Open Data Folder

Opens the folder where SimplyTag keeps its data files. You can copy these files to a new computer to migrate your configuration. Be sure to close Outlook on both computers while doing so.

You can also use this technique to share your tags with your colleagues.

Enable Troubleshooting Log

Enable SimplyTag diagnostics log.

Open Log Folder

Display the troubleshooting log in a Windows Explorer Window.