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Tag Sent Message Window

The Tag Sent Message window prompts you to apply a category to the message you are sending.

You will notice that this window is similar to the QuickTag Window in the way it operates. In particular, see Selecting Categories for a description of how to quickly select a particular category from a long list.


If you prefer that SimplyTag not prompt you for every sent message, you can disable this prompt in the Options Window.

SimplyTag tag sent message window

Tag Sent Message Window Commands

Send And Tag

Send the message and assign selected categories to it

Send Tag And Tag Original

Send the message, assign selected categories to the message you are sending and the one you are replying to.

Send Only

Send this message without tagging it.

Follow up on sent messages

In addition to tagging a sent message, you can also use this prompt window to mark a sent message for follow up. Use the Follow Up button in the lower-left corner. This is a great way to keep track of messages you send, which require a follow up in the future.