Subscription transition

Starting in February 2019, we are transitioning our products to the subscription licensing model.

In doing so, we are following the example set by some of the industry leaders, including Microsoft and Adobe. It has become clear that the subscription model is the future of the software industry.

With this change, you will see a number of benefits.

Faster product enhancements. When we charged only for major version upgrades, we had to hold new futures back in order to accumulate enough of them, to justify a new major release. In some cases, it meant that we had to sit on a useful feature for years. With subscriptions, we do not have to do that anymore. We can release new features as soon as they are available, without making you wait for them.

Straightforward user-based licensing. Pre-subscriptions versions of our products were licensed per-user per-device. If one user had several computers, that required multiple licenses. Subscription licensing is per-user. One user can use the product on up to 5 devices, provided all devices are exclusively used by that user. (A user is identified by the Windows login user name). If multiple users have access to a device where the product is installed, each user requires a license.

Continued reliable support. Many of you have been our customers for a very long time - 10 or more years for some. Thank you! Subscription licensing helps ensure that our business is sustainable for the long term and we will be available to answer any questions about the products, you rely on for your daily work, no matter how many years has passed since the time when you first started using them.

Free upgrades. Your subscription includes the right to use the latest version of the product, without any additional fees. You can always run the latest and greatest release, without having to justify, plan or budget upgrades.

More predictable budgeting for your organization. You will know exactly what our products will cost you every year. It will not fluctuate depending on whether we have a new major release or not.

After 17 years in business, this is a large change for us. We are working hard to make it as seamless as possible. Once again, we thank you for your continued business and support! Please do not hesitate to contact as if we can be of any assistance.