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MessageSave Commands

MessageSave Ribbon buttons MessageSave Ribbon buttons

MessageSave user interface is represented by two buttons on the Outlook Ribbon.

  • Save Messages button
  • Drop-down with additional commands

Additional Commands

Click on the small triangle to see MessageSave drop-down with additional commands.

MessageSave Additional Commands

One-click-save messages into the folder displayed on the command.

Advanced Option

Opens the Advanced Options window.

Map This Folder

Creates a mapping for the current Outlook folder and opens the Folder Mapping window to configure it.

Unmap This Folder

Removes the mapping for the current Outlook folder, if one exists.

Import MSG files

Opens the Import MSG Files Window.


Opens MessageSave User Guide.

Check For Updates

Check if a newer version is available.

About TechHit MessageSave

Opens the About window where you can find MessageSave version number and license key.

Enter License Key

Enter your license key into the product.