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What is new in MessageSave v7

Welcome to MessageSave v7. We have added loads of new features and enhancements, many of them at the request of customers like you!

Read on to learn how version 7 makes the product, you have come to rely on for saving, archiving, backing up and processing Outlook email messages, even more powerful.

Support for Outlook 2019

Version 7 now officially supports Outlook 2019. Office 365 is also fully supported with the desktop version of Outlook.

Discontinued support for Outlook 2007

Outlook 2007 is no longer supported.

Include Attachments Inline In PDF

Version 6 had an option to attach message attachments to PDF file as attachments in their original format. Version 7 also supports including email attachments as extra pages at the end of the PDF. The following attachment types are supported: docx, doc, rtf, txt, xlsx, xls, pdf, jpg, png, gif. (Requires the Pro edition).

Saving Attachments As Separate Files

Up until now, MessageSave would always save the entire message, including any attachments in the same file. This version introduces an option to also save attachments as separate files. (Requires the Ultimate edition).

New File Explorer Columns

Version 7 supports the following additional File Explorer columns when saving MSG files - Date Received, Date Sent, Priority.

New File Naming Template Fields

The following new File Naming Template fields are supported:

  • M_SUBJF200 - first 200 characters of the email subject. (The existing token M_SUBJ uses first 80 characters).
  • M_CA, M_C1, M_CSA, M_CS1 - message categories.
  • M_TR_MMM, M_TR_MMMM, M_TS_MMM, M_TS_MMMM - month full name or name abbreviation. For example, “January” or “Jan”.

New Template Field Modifier

We have added a new template field modifier - “RS”. It removes spaces from the corresponding field. For example:

  • %M_SUBJ[RS]% - removes spaces from the subject.
  • %M_SUBJ[RS_]% - replaces spaces with underscores.

Skip Unsent Messages Filter

The filter window now supports “skip unsent messages”.

Unmap This Folder Command

New command - Unmap This Folder, to match Map This Folder.

Window position and size

Previous versions of MessageSave would always position windows, like Save Messages, in the middle of its parent window. In v7, if you move a MessageSave window, the new position will be remembered for the future. Next time you open the same window, it will be displayed in the same position.

Improved support for different monitor resolutions

The window position and size logic, described above, works correctly even if you move between environments with different monitor resolutions or different number of monitors.

An ability to hide UI commands

The Ultimate edition now allows system administrators to hide some commands, such as “Check for Updates” or “Advanced Options”, for their deployment. (Requires the Ultimate edition. Controlled via ADMX template).

Force Save and Send

A new option to disable “Send Only” in the “Save and Send” window, to force users save all sent messages. (Requires the Ultimate edition. Controlled via ADMX template).

Cleanup Mapped Folders

New Mapped Folders Cleanup commands simplify keeping your folder mappings up to date.

Other changes

License management portal

Over the last several years, we have received feedback from many of you that you would like us to improve license management and administration. We are introducing a license management portal where you can keep track of your license usage and deactivate installation when you need to move a license to another computer. When creating an account, use the same email address you used when you placed an order.

Subscription licensing model

Starting with version 7, we are switching to a subscription licensing model.

What else would you like to see?

Many of the new features and improvements are based on your suggestions. If you have ideas on how else we can make MessageSave even more useful to you, we would love to hear from you!

Upgrade today!

Licensed users of MessageSave v6 are eligible for discount upgrade pricing. Upgrade today!