Print Outlook email messages

SimplyFile makes printing Outlook messages very easy. For sent messages, SimplyFile has an option to prompt you what you would like to do with every message. If you would like to print a message, after sending, you click "Print and Send". If you don't want to print a particular message, you click "Send" (or "Send and File") and the message will not be printed.

For received messages, SimplyFile gives you an option to print them while you are filing messages to the right folder using the SimplyFIle's QuickPick window. Again, all it takes is just one click of a button. It is a great time saver.

If you would like to save messages outside of Outlook and print them at the same time, our MessageSave product is for you. Simply follow the steps below.

  1. Save this file printfile.vbs to c:\printfile.vbs
  2. Select one or several messages which you would like to print and click the MessageSave Outlook toolbar button.
  3. In the MessageSave "Save Messages" dialog, check the "Execute" checkbox and type c:\printfile.vbs in the field next to it.
  4. Click "Save Now"
  5. That's it. The messages should be printing on your default printer.

You can also follow the above steps to create Rule Wizard rules with MessageSave to automatically print incoming messages. Rule Wizard's flexibility allows you to automatically print all incoming messages or only messages which match certain criteria. See MessageSave User Guide for more information on creating rules with MessageSave.

Note: printfile.vbs script we provide is very simple, just to illustrate the approach. It can be made more robust/feature full to fit your needs.

Product: SimplyFile for Microsoft Outlook
Product: MessageSave for Microsoft Outlook

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