Easy way to handle, rename and process resume.doc attachments in Outlook

Recruiters and HR professionals often receive hundreds of resumes as email attachments. Most of them have the same name - "resume.doc". The standard way to deal with them is to open each message, click on the attachment, select "Save As" and manually rename and save the attachment. With hundreds of resumes, this process can easily take hours.

With EZDetach this can be done much, much easier. It can save many attachments in one operation and it can even automatically rename the saved files, so they are easier to work with. Simply select all messages with resumes you would like to save, click on the EZDetach button, select "Append From Name" and click "Save Now". EZDetach will automatically rename all attachments and save them with names "First Last - resume.doc". For example: "John Smith - resume.doc". All it takes is a few mouse clicks. Stop wasting hours on sifting through your email. With EZDetach you can concentrate on what you do best - matching qualified candidates with companies looking for them.

In addition to easily extracting resumes from your email messages, you can setup a lighting-fast keyword search. This will allow you to find matching resumes by typing in a few keywords. To set it up, download and install Windows Desktop Search (WDS). After WDS indexes your resumes, you will be able to quickly search them for any keyword.

A combination of EZDetach and Windows Desktop Search (WDS) makes a very efficient resume search and management system. It will help you become more efficient and make more money. Download EZDetach today!

Product: EZDetach for Microsoft Outlook Attachments

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