Getting Things Done (GTD) with Outlook

Many Getting Things Done (GTD) practitioners already know that Outlook makes a very good GTD "Trusted System". A large portion of your inputs already comes in through Outlook. You have it open most of the time. You can sync it with your mobile phone, so that information is available to you even when you are away from your computer. Outlook is a great place to keep track of your Goals, Projects, Next Actions, Open Loops, etc. David Allen even offers a White Paper on configuring Outlook for GTD.

SimplyFile makes using Outlook as your Trusted System even easier. It has buttons for automatically creating Tasks and Appointments from email messages. SimplyFile's state-of-the-art folder prediction technology helps you file messages to the right folder with a single click of the button.

And the best part is that SimplyFile is very unobtrusive. It is always ready to help, but it never gets in your way. It helps you do your work the way you want. It does NOT make you do extra work or change your working style. Download SimplyFile today and let it help you become a GTD ninja!

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