Incremental backup for Outlook PST files and Exchange mailboxes

Outlook PST files are notoriously back-up unfriendly. Outlook stores all your folders, message, contacts, etc. in one large PST file. Every time you open Outlook or receive a new message, Outlook changes the PST file. So your backup software thinks that it needs to back up the entire PST file again. This happens even if you receive only one new message. This is especially noticeable if you are doing incremental backups, which are very popular due to their efficiency and are supported by most modern backup applications. Instead of backing up just that one new message, the entire PST file needs to be backed up.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could back up just that one new message, or only new messages received since your last backup? There is a solution for that. MessageSave can help you save each Outlook message as its own individual file. Your backup software will see that most of the files have not change since the last time it ran, and will only need to backup the files that did change. That is a significant saving both in terms of how long it takes to run the backup and in the amount of storage the backup takes.

MessageSave supports several modes. You can run it manually. You can run it using a scheduler at pre-defined time. And you can use it on combination with Outlook rules to automatically save all incoming and outgoing messages for truly hands-off archiving and backup.

Learn more about MessageSave and download a trial version to take it for a test drive.

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