How to reduce PST file size by up to 80%

Product: EZDetach for Microsoft Outlook Attachments

Outlook versions before Outlook 2003, have a 2GB size limit on PST files. Exceeding the size limit can potentially lead to data corruption and loss. What's worse, Outlook will not give you a warning when you approach the size limit.

Outlook 2003 supports PST files up to 18GB. However, it is still not recommended to let your PST files grow too large, for performance, manageability and stability reasons. If you can, try keeping your PSTs to under 1GB or so. Create multiple PST files and spread your folders and messages among them if necessary.

For majority of users, attachments are the biggest factor in a growing PST. Attachments can take up as much as 80%. EZDetach offers a simple way of controlling PST size. It allows you to save attachments as regular files, outside of the PST, while maintaining links to the original messages. A smaller PST also often results in Outlook starting and running faster.

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After you detach attachments using EZDetach, do not forget to compact your PST files.

Note: If your pst file is alredy over 2GB, Microsoft offers a tool to truncate it - Pst2GB. After truncating the PST, we recommend that you create a brand new PST file, copy the messages you would like to keep into it and start using the new PST as your primary mailbox.

In addition, or as an alternative, to extracting attachments, you can consider using MessageSave to archive entire messages as individual files.

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