How to save Outlook
messages in PDF format

Outlook does not have a built-in "Save As PDF" feature.
MessageSave fixes that.

Use MessageSave to easily save Outlook email messages in PDF format.

Convert and Save Outlook email in PDF format

Save Outlook email messages:
email messages in Outlook
As PDF files:
email messages saved as files in PDF format

Save Outlook email in PDF format in just a few clicks

  1. Select one or more messages which you would like to convert to PDF.
  2. Click on the "MessageSave" button.
  3. Select the destination folder.
  4. Click "Save Now".
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One-time setup

If you just installed MessageSave and the messages are saved in MSG format, rather than PDF, please follow these steps. They only need to be performed once. The setting will be remembered for the future.

  1. Click "More>>" to see the expanded version of the MessageSave window.
    More button
  2. Click "Select File Format".
    Select Format button
  3. Select "PDF" in the "File Format" field.
    Select PDF Format