TechHit Press Kit

Background Info

TechHit was founded in 2002 in San Francisco, California. We build software which turns Outlook users into superusers.

"I have run across the absolutely coolest application that I have seen in a long time ...and it has quickly become indispensable to how I work"

David Bilinsky,
an attorney and a blogger.

Productivity is something a lot of people talk about. Our products strike the right balance in usability, complexity, functionality, performance and price. They are not overwhelming and stay out of the way until the moment you need them. Then they lean a helping hand. Our products do not make you change the way you work. They help you do your work faster and more efficiently.

Many people have commented on how they can not imaging using Outlook without our products anymore.

"This product is the only thing holding me back from moving to a OSX platform. Simplyfile saves me at least 2 hours/week in productivity!."

Kyle S.

Interview topics

What kind of stories can we help with? "Email overload", "Email productivity enhancements", "GTD", "Email best practices", "Email archiving and backup", "Email archiving and compliance", "Outlook performance", anything that has to do with email and productivity.

Our TwInbox product (formally known as OutTwit) is a very popular Twitter client among Outlook users. Twitter use in business is a topic that comes up quite frequently.

We are located in San Francisco. Available for interviews between 9 am and 6 pm Pacific Time or by appointment. For more information, call (415) 354-9711 x771. Any questions? Give us a call.

Publication materials

If you are writing an article about our products, or would like to link to our site, here are a few logos. Let us know if you have questions or require product screenshots or a print-ready image. Thank you very much!
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