Quickly open or navigate to
any Windows folder

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Jump to the right folder with just a few keystrokes!

If you are working with hundreds or thousands of folders on a hard drive or a network share, QuickJump will let you access all of them in an instant.

Open file folders with just a few keystrokes

Instead of endlessly drilling through the folder hierarchies, just type a few letters and jump right to the folder you are looking for.

Works with Microsoft Office and most Windows applications

Not just for Windows Explorer. Use with "File Open", "Save As" and "Browse for Folder" windows of any application.

Even works with CMD and PowerShell

For those of you who are keyboard ninjas, you can use QuickJump even with command line. Combine that with file name completion and the entire file system is at your fingertips.

Enterprise ready

For large customers, we provide a way to centrally deploy the product and manage configuration settings. QuickJump is enterprise-tested and ready.
"QuickJump is an incredible piece of software. We first tried it in combination with MessageSave and ended out using it all the time.

We are an IP firm in Canada and are dealing with more than 50,000 files each having it's own sub directory often with subdirectories. With QuickJump we can really jump into any of those sub in a flash.

QuickJump and a bit of methodology and I believe we might never need a Document Management system.

My only regret - I wish I had coded it myself." - Mario F.
QuickJump is phenomenal. I have used literally a hundred different utilities to help speed up my computer work and I rank this software in the top 5 of all time. And I have only been using it for a month! The time savings of this superbly designed software is phenomenal. I would say I save 20 minutes to maybe 45 minutes a day using QuickJump.

Congratulations on such excellent software. Am buying licenses for all my staff for all your software. Will save me thousands of dollars a year for my company. Can't beat that! Paul Rak
This is, without question, the most critical software utility we use on a minute-to-minute basis every single workday. In a work environment in which we have more than 100,000 Windows folders, QuickJump literally saves hours of time every day finding and jumping to the correct folder. Michael R.

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Stop endless folder clicking
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