TwInbox - Twitter Add-in
for Microsoft Outlook

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If you are a Microsoft® Outlook® user, you probably have it open all the time.

Now you can have a fully-featured, powerful Twitter client at your fingertips without having to open any other applications. TwInbox seamlessly integrates Twitter into Outlook.

It is a perfect Twitter client for any Outlook user, from a Twitter newbie to a business professional.

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I just found and downloaded twinbox today for my work computer, seems the most efficient and office appropriate client available, no web client could compare. I have already shared twinbox with several friends who use Outlook on different levels. I live by Outlook, if its not in my calendar, contacts, or tasks it doesnt exist to me during the week. Many Thanks for making twinbox, it looks like a hit for corporate enterprise users like myself.

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Why did we build TwInbox? Because Twitter is fun and we build Outlook products for a living. So we thought why not throw them together and see what happens. What do you think? TwInbox is still a very young product. We would love to hear your questions, comments, suggestions, praises, rants... We'd like to hear from you!

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