Twitter Add-in for
Microsoft Outlook

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TwInbox is no longer supported.

If it works for you, you are welcome to continue using it.

Use Outlook as your Twitter client

If you are a Microsoft® Outlook® user, you have it open all the time.

Now you can have a fully-featured, powerful Twitter client at your fingertips without having to open any other applications.
TwInbox seamlessly integrates Twitter into Outlook.

It is a perfect Twitter client for any Outlook user, from a Twitter newbie to a business professional.

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Post Twitter updates from Outlook

Update your Twitter status right from Outlook. No need to switch to another window.

Receive tweets in Outlook

Tweets are downloaded into Outlook folders. So you have everything conviniently in one place.

Use full power of Outlook to manage tweets

Archive, manage, group and search your tweets the same way you manage your email.

Group tweets by sender, topic, etc.

Use the Search feature to organize your tweets into folders. Assign custom folders and categories to new messages

Search and track keywords

TwInbox can automatically download ALL tweets matching the keywords you specify, even if you are not following the tweet sender. This feature is perfect for keeping up to date with the Twitter buzz on your name, brand, interests, etc.

Manage multiple Twitter accounts

TwInbox supports multiple Twitter accounts. You can tweet using different identities and still keep your tweets for different accounts separate from each other.

Post picture files and Outlook email attachment

Post pictures to Twitter. Either files from your computer or even images attached to email messages.

Auto-sort tweets by sender

Optionally automatically sort tweets into per-sender folders.

Use Reply and ReplyAll just like with email

Use Outlook's Reply and ReplyAll commands to send Twitter direct messages and @replies.

Shorten links with bitly

Shorten URLs bith before posting. Supports custom accounts.

Do not miss important tweets in the noise

Tweets sent to you (@replies and direct) are marked with high importance, so you can see them at a glance.

Configurable hotkeys

Configure keyboard hotkeys for fast, mouse-free operation.
I just found and downloaded twinbox today for my work computer, seems the most efficient and office appropriate client available, no web client could compare. I have already shared twinbox with several friends who use Outlook on different levels. I live by Outlook, if its not in my calendar, contacts, or tasks it doesnt exist to me during the week.

Many Thanks for making twinbox, it looks like a hit for corporate enterprise users like myself. - David B.

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System Requirements

  • Microsoft® Windows® 10, 2016, 2019, 2022 (64 and 32 bit) with the latest updates.
  • Outlook 2013, 2016, 2019, 2021, Office 365 (64 and 32 bit) with the latest updates.
  • "New Outlook" is not supported.
  • Internet Explorer. (IE does not have to be your default browser, it just needs to be installed).
  • TwInbox does NOT work with Outlook Express.
  • TwInbox End User License Agreement (EULA).

Use Twitter directly in Outlook
Download TwInbox today!

Download TwInbox, it is free!