Convert Outlook email (PST or Exchange) to MBOX format

MessageSave supports exporting Outlook messages in MBOX format. It can convert both PST files and Exchange-based mailboxes. This functionality can be used for exporting Outlook email to other mail clients, such as Apple Mail, Entourage, Thunderbird, etc.

To export Outlook messages in MBOX format:

    • Outlook 2010 or newer: Click on the small triangle below the MessageSave Ribbon button and select
      "Apple Mac Export -> Export Messages".
    • Outlook 2007 or older: Invoke the following menu command -
      "Tools -> MessageSave -> Apple Mac Export -> Export Messages".
  1. Click "Start Export".
  2. That's it! MessageSave will export your email messages to a folder on your desktop.

Converting to the MAC? This page has more information on transferring Outlook email messages to Entourage or Apple Mac Mail .

MBOX Export using advanced options:

If you would like more control over the export process, you can use the following alternative method:

  1. Select the messages you would like to export, or the folder, if you would like to export the entire folder.
  2. Click the MessageSave Outlook toolbar button.
  3. Select "include subfolders" if you would like to export subfolders of the current folder as well.
  4. Select "MBOX" in the "Format" field.
  5. Click "Save Now".
  6. That's it. You should see mbox file(s) created in the destination directory. MessageSave creates one file per Outlook folder processed.

Note: Some email clients, such as Thunderbird, have issues importing mbox files with very long names, or with certain characters, such as #, in the file name. If you see errors, try renaming your mbox file to a short name without special characters in it.

Note: MBOX format is supported only when using MessageSave with Outlook 2002 or newer.

In addition to mbox, MessageSave supports saving messages in msg, eml, html, txt, pdf and vCard formats.

Note: MBOX format is supported only when using MessageSave with Outlook 2002 or later.

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