How to save Outlook email messages in plain text format

Plain text is one of the most portable and versatile file formats. That is one of the reason why many users prefer to archive their email in that format. You know that no matter what computer you use, regardless of what software is installed on it, you will be able to read plain text files. It is true today. It will be true fifty years from now. And you probably won't miss much - most email messages are text anyway.

Another reason you might have for preferring txt format is automatic message processing. If you have emails coming in with information, such as orders, reports, customer leads, etc. which need to be processed automatically, MessageSave can automatically save incoming emails messages and execute your custom script to process them.

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In addition to text, MessageSave supports saving messages in msg, eml, html, pdf and mbox formats.

Need to save attachments? Try EZDetach.

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