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Advanced Internal External Settings Window

In this window, you can configure settings that affect which recipients SendAware considers internal or external to your organization.

Please note that this window uses patterns, as opposed to domains, used by the Simple Internal External Settings Window.

By default, all Exchange addresses are considered internal. You can override that using the External Name Patterns field. Exchange Contacts, listed in the Global Address Book, are treated as external.

Advanced Internal External Settings window.png
Internal Email Address Patterns

List of internal email address patterns.

External Email Address Patterns

List of external email address patterns.

External Name Patterns

List of external recipient names.

Block Email Address Patterns

Block sending messages to recipients which match these patterns.


Patterns, used by SendAware, work in a way very similar to file and folder name patterns used by Windows. A pattern is a string that can include wildcards . SendAware supports two wildcards: * and ?.

* matches zero or more characters. ? matches exactly one character. Patterns are case insensitive.


* matches and It does not match

* matches,,,, etc.

*@* matches, It does not match