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Prompt Settings Window

In this window, you can customize the behavior of the Prompt to confirm external recipients window.

Prompt Settings window
Show Send Confirmation window when emailing

These options determine when SendAware displays the Confirm Message Recipients window.

Internal Recipients

When emailing internal recipients.

External Recipients

When emailing external recipients.

Two or more different companies, including your own

When emailing recipients at two or more different companies.

Two or more different external companies

When emailing recipients at two or more external companies.

New combination of recipients

When emailing a combination of recipients to whom you never emailed before.

Show attachments in the Send Confirmation window

These options determine when the SendAware shows attachments in the Confirm Message Recipients window.

In the Send Confirmation window individually check off

Configure what type of recipients and attachments need to be individually checked off, by checking a checkbox next to them.

Internal recipients

Internal recipients.

External recipients

External recipients.


All attachments.