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Attachment Settings Window

Attachments Settings window.png

In this window, you can configure checks to be performed on attachments.

Settings can be configured either for all attachments or based on a particular attachment types. You can also check if attachments are encrypted before sending and either prompt the user to confirm or block them.

Different settings can be configured for internal and external recipients.

Defaults For All Attachments

Settings for all attachments, unless overridden for a particular attachment type.

Always Block The Following Attachment Types

Do not allow sending attachments matching this list.

Block The Following Attachment Types Unless They Are Encrypted

Check if attachments are encrypted. Do not allow sending, unless they are encrypted. If attachments are encrypted and you would still like the user to be prompted to confirm them, add the same extensions to the list below.

Always Confirm The Following Attachment Types

Prompt the user to confirm sending attachments which match this list.