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What is new in SimplyFile v5

Welcome to SimplyFile v5. We have added loads of new features and enhancements, many of them at the request of customers like you!

Read on to learn how version 5 makes the product, on which you have come to rely for filing and organizing Outlook email messages, even more powerful.

New icons

The first thing you will notice about the new version is the updated button icons, which look great on the modern high-resolution monitors and fit nicely with the rest of the Outlook UI.

SimplyFile on the Outlook Ribbon

However, that is just the icing on the new version cake. Read on for the rest of the great features we have prepared for you.

Official support for Outlook 2019

Version 5 now officially supports Outlook 2019. Office 365 is also fully supported with the desktop version of Outlook.

Discontinued support for Outlook 2007

Outlook 2007 is no longer supported.

BatchFile is now even more powerful

If you have used previous versions of SimplyFile, you know that BatchFile is a great way to file an Inbox full of messages in one shot. In version 5, BatchFile became even more powerful.

We have added:

  • An ability to select multiple messages at the same time.
  • A menu with additional command to quickly select multiple messages and change destination folders.

Delay sending, Undo send

You might have seen the “Undo send” feature in Gmail or other mail clients. It allows you a brief period of time when you can cancel sending a message. For example, this is great when you click Send and immediately recognize you addressed the message to the wrong person or forgot to attach a file. SimplyFile now gives you this option too. Enable it in the Options window.

If you enable this option, messages will remain in the Outbox for one minute before they are sent. You can override this on per-message basis. Learn more.

Additional Thread and Sender filing operations

We have added the following additional filing operations:

  • File all but last messages in this Thread.
  • File the last messages in this Thread, delete the rest.
  • File all but last messages from this Sender.
  • File the last message from this Sender, delete the rest.

These commands are located under the More Actions button in the QuickPick window.

We have also added options to skip unread or flagged emails for file and delete Thread and Sender operations. Enable them in the Options window.

New Cleanup commands

New Cleanup commands will help you quickly cleanup your Inbox.

  • Delete Thread - all messages
  • Delete Thread - all but last
  • Delete Sender - all messages
  • Delete Sender - all but last


If you do not see the Cleanup dropdown on the Ribbon, you can enable it on the UI tab of the Options window.

New Send and File commands

In a continuous effort to save you clicks and keystrokes, we have added:

  • Send, File, File Original and TaskIt, ScheduleIt
  • Send, File and Delete Original

Reply and ReplyAll with attachments

ReplyAll and Reply with attachments.

This feature requires SimplyFile version or newer.

One year of Filing History

The Filing History window now supports “This year” and “Last year” Date Ranges. (Requires the Ultimate edition).

Open Message and Go To Folder from the Filing History

You can now right-click on an entry in the Filing History window and either open the corresponding message or go to the folder into which it was filed.

Additional hotkeys

We have added hotkeys for the Undo and Snooze commands. Configure them in the Options window.

Previous parent folder button

The newly added “previous parent folder” button allows you to quickly select previously used folders when creating subfolders.

Remove categories when filing

This new option will remove categories from messages as they are filed. This is a great timesaver for those of you who use Outlook categories for workflow. Enable it in the Options window.

Option to TaskIt and ScheduleIt in the same mailbox

Previous versions would always create Tasks and Meetings or Appointments in the default Outlook mailbox. Now you can choose to have them created in the same mailbox as the original email. Enable it in the Options window.

Option to only prompt when replying to messages in the Inbox

Outlook has a built-in feature When replying to a message that is not in the Inbox, save the reply in the same folder . If this feature works with the way you organize email, we have introduced an option to allow you take advantage of it. This will allow you to see fewer prompts to file sent message yet still have all your sent email filed in the right location. Enable it in the Options window.

Important: We recommend that you experiment with this feature to make sure you are comfortable with the way it works before enabling it permanently.

Folder scan progress window in QuickPick

In the previous versions, by default, QuickPick would spend 5 seconds looking for your folders. If you did not use Exchange Cached mode for your mailbox or if you had a large number of Public Folders or Shared Mailbox Folders, potentially, not all your folders would be shown on the list.

In the new version, QuickPick will display a scanning progress indicator, which you can cancel if it takes too long. Please note that the scan only happens the first time you open QuickPick during an Outlook session. After that, the QuickPick window will open instantly and show the list of folders from the initial scan.


To refresh the folder list, click Refresh Folders at the bottom of the QuickPick window.

Window position and size

We have improved the logic to remember the previous position, size and column widths of the QuickPick and BatchFile windows. Next time you open a window, it will be displayed in the same position as before.

Improved support for different monitor resolutions

The window position and size logic, described above, works correctly even if you move between environments with different monitor resolutions or different number of monitors.

Other enhancements and fixes

Version 5 includes many other small improvements and fixes, which further increase product usability, performance and reliability.

License management portal

Over the last several years, we have received feedback from many of you that you would like us to improve license management and administration. We are introducing a license management portal where you can keep track of your license usage and deactivate installation when you need to move a license to another computer. When creating an account, use the same email address you used when you placed an order.

Subscription licensing model

Starting with version 5, we are switching to a subscription licensing model.

What else would you like to see?

Many of the new features and improvements are based on your suggestions. If you have ideas on how else we can make SimplyFile even more useful to you, we would love to hear from you!

Upgrade today!

Licensed users of version 4 are eligible for discount upgrade pricing. Upgrade today!