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Batch File Window

By now you know that SimplyFile’s File Message, File Thread, QuickPick and the other commands let you file an Inbox full of messages in no time at all. You’ve trained SimplyFile well and it suggests the right folder for the vast majority of messages. With one, maybe two, seconds per message, you can go through and file 100 messages in just a few minutes. That’s pretty impressive! We asked ourselves “can we top that?”, and came up with a new feature - Batch File.

SimplyFile Batch File window.

Using Batch File

Batch File files a group of messages into their respective suggested folders.

  • You highlight a batch of messages in the main Outlook window. (If only one message is selected BatchFile will use all messages in the current folder).
  • Click Batch File Button.
  • The Batch File Window will show a list of all messages and the top suggested folder for each message.
  • Review the list, uncheck any messages you do not want to file at this time. Right-click on a message if you need to change the suggested folder.
  • Then click File Messages - all selected messages will be filed in one fell swoop. Yes, the entire group of messages is filed into proper folders in a single operation!

Of course, Batch File is not appropriate for every occasion. Do not forget about the other filing features and use the best one in a given situation. Also, be sure to train SimplyFile well before using Batch File.

BatchFile keyboard hotkeys

  • Ctrl+j and Ctrl+k for scrolling folder list down and up.
  • Left arrow and Right arrow - cycle through suggested folders for the highlighted message.
  • Space bar - toggle checkbox for the highlighted message.
  • Ctrl+Plus and Ctrl+Minus for making the folder list font larger and smaller.