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EZDetach Commands

EZDetach Ribbon buttons EZDetach Ribbon buttons

EZDetach user interface is represented by two buttons on the Outlook Ribbon.

  • Save Attachments button
  • Drop-down with additional commands

EZDetach Commands

Save Attachments

Main EZDetach function - opens the Save Attachments Window.

Remove Attachments

Remove attachments from the selected messages without saving them.


Be careful, this operation cannot be undone.

Display Link Info

Open the Link Info Window.

Open the Link Maintenance Window.

Advanced Option

Open the Advanced Options Window.

Map This Folder

Creates a mapping for the current Outlook folder and opens the Folder Mapping window to configure it.


Displays EZDetach User Guide.

Check For Updates

Check to see if a newer version of EZDetach is available.

About TechHit EZDetach

Opens the EZDetach About Window, where you can see EZDetach version and your license information.

Enter License Key

After you have purchased a license, use this command to enter your license key into the product.

Buy Now

Use this command to purchase a license key after you have taken the evaluation version for a spin and liked what you saw.