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Folder Mapping Window

The Folder Mapping window allows you to map an Outlook folder to a Destination Folder. This mapping can be used for:


Folder Mapping Window Options

Map This Outlook Folder

Select the Outlook folder you would like to map.

To This Destination Folder

Specify Destination Folder you would like to use for this Outlook folder.

Automatically Save New Attachments From This Folder

Enable AutoSave on this Outlook folder.

Include This Folder In Scheduled Runs

Process this folder when running EZDetach Scheduler.

With Subfolders (Include In Scheduler)

Include subfolders of this folder when running the Scheduler.

Use Custom Settings For This Folder

Specify options to use specifically for this folder. If this option is disabled, EZDetach will use the default options, which you configure when you use the “Save Attachments” toolbar button. (See Running EZDetach manually).