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Save, process, manage and remove Outlook attachments

Do you spend too much time saving email attachments one-by-one?

Is your mailbox size exploding due to all the space attachments consume?

EZDetach will help!

  • Save hours on managing attachments.
  • Organize attachments in file system folders for easy access and sharing.
  • Automatically rename attachments to match your naming convention.
  • Automatically save and process attachments using rules and scheduler.
  • Reduce mailbox and PST size. Make Outlook faster and more stable.
  • Automatically print attachments. And much more...

EZDetach Features

Whether you need to save attachments manually or automatically, EZDetach is the perfect tool for the job.

Save one, multiple or all attachments

Save attachments from one or several messages or from entire folders with subfolders. Save to local disk, network drive, or SharePoint. Works with cloud sync services, like Dropbox, One Drive and Google Drive. Use your existing tools and infrastructure for search, backup, access control, etc.

One-click access in Outlook

EZDetach is tightly integrated with Outlook, and is available right on the Ribbon Home tab for easy access. It can also be accessed by right-clicking on a message in the main Outlook window message list.

Flexible and customizable file and subfolder naming

Auto-rename files as they are saved. Maintain consistent naming convention with auto-rename settings. Flexible naming templates allow you to match your naming conventions. You can include various message attributes, like sender or recipient names, timestamps, etc. You control the order and format of the fields.

Optionally remove attachments. Keep the paperclip.

Optionally remove attachments from messages. Link messages to the removed attachments without losing the paperclip attachment indicator. Attachments are usually the biggest source of mailbox bloat. Keep your mailbox small and Outlook fast and stable.

Works on Messages, Contacts, Calendar, Meeting requests, etc.

Process attachments in regular email messages, Contacts, Calendar and other types of Outlook items.

Works on Public Folders and Shared Mailboxes

EZDetach works on messages anywhere - whether they are located in a personal mailbox, another PST, a delegate mailbox or Public Folders.

Map Outlook folders and automatically save attachments

Map Outlook folders to destination file folders and enable EZDetach Scheduler for automatic, unattended attachment processing. Use it by itself or in combination with SimplyFile for automatically saving and archiving attachments from filed messages.

Extensible with custom scripts

Scripting API allows you to develop your own logic for processing incoming attachments. Whether you need to process incoming orders, reports or invoices, or store anythign else - you can do so with EZDetach API.

Print attachments

Automatically print incoming attachments.

Zip / Unzip attachments on the fly

EZDetach can automatically unzip .zip attachments as it saves them.

Rename and reorder attachments

Zip attachments before sending

Large-scale deployment and administration

For large customers, we provide a way to centrally deploy the product and manage configuration settings. EZDetach is enterprise-tested and ready. Ask us for details.

Highly optimized for speed and size

We put a lot of effort, attention and care not only into developing features and perfecting usability, but also into optimizing the product. From the small download size to lightning fast performance, you will see it shine through.

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"My job receives several hundred emails with attachments each day. We must manually open each one to see what the attachment is and file it in its own newly created folder. Thanks to EZDetach, we should be able to save many, many hours by not having to do it manually. Good job folks!" - Loren A.
"I've outsourced scanning of paperbased mail. On a daily basis I receive 75-100 emails each with an attached pdf-file. To store these files in my document management system I've to detach them. Doing this one by one is a slow killer. EZDetach makes my work faster and funnier." - Soren M.
"I love your product and it saves my HOURS of detaching files everyday. THank you a lot for coming up with this fine product, and keep me posted if you come up with anything new please." - Trevor S.
"I have gone paperless, and scan 100% of everything. This makes it so easy to extract and save. Saves so much time. I scan to email then extract to dropbox. What a lifesaver..... Easiest product, and one of the handiest utilities ever. Love it." - Jay B.

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EZDetach Editions

EZDetach is available in three editions - Standard, Pro and Ultimate.
The following table lists features available in each edition.
The evaluation version includes all features.


  • Process individual messages or entire folders with subfolders.
  • Preserve timestamps.
  • Simple file and folder naming.
  • Smart destination folder selection based on history.
  • Optionally remove attachments and replace with links.
  • Email support.


  • Everything in Standard.
  • Flexible file and folder naming (templates).
  • Multiple configuration profiles.
  • Automatic / unattended attachment saving.
  • QuickSave.
  • Unzip saved files.
  • Print saved files.
  • Rename attachments before sending.
  • Zip attachments before sending.
  • Tag processed messages.
  • Configuration Export / Import
  • Unattended deployment and administration.
  • Phone support.


  • Everything in Pro.
  • Execute custom scripts.
  • Centrally manage folder mappings and profiles.
  • Bulk activation management.
  • RDS, Citrix, VDI, AVD, etc deployment.
  • Priority support.

Detailed Feature Matrix

Integrated with Outlook for one-click access.
Highly optimized for speed and size.
Preserve email timestamp on saved files.
Works on individual Exchange mailboxes, PSTs, Public Folders and Office 365.
Save to local disk, network drive, or SharePoint.
Process attachments in selected messages or entire folder with subfolders.
Optionally remove attachments and replace with links to detached files.
Map Outlook folders to automatically save attachments (unattended processing using Scheduler and AutoSave).
QuickSave - one-click saving.
Unzip saved zip attachment files.
Print saved attachments.
Rename and reorder attachments before sending.
Zip attachments before sending.
Marked processed messages with categories.
Pre-select destination folders based on the save history.
Simple file naming. Append sender/recipient names, message date/time to file names.
Fully customizable file/folder naming to match your organization standards and conventions. (File and Subfolder naming templates).
Use custom field in file/folder naming.
Multiple configuration profiles.
Export/Import configuration manually.
Centralized large-scale deployment and administration.
Centrally manage folder mappings and profiles.
Execute custom scripts on saved attachments.
Bulk activation management.
Support for RDS, Citrix, VDI, AVD, etc deployment.
Email support.
Phone support.
Priority support.

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System Requirements

Outlook Attachment Functionality

Our customers often ask us why functionality similar to EZDetach is not part of Outlook. We don't really know an answer to that question, Outlook is already a great product, but we are glad that so many people find our products useful and we'll continue working on powerful easy-to-use tools that make you more productive and save you time.

EZDetach is a Microsoft Outlook add-in that makes saving and processing attachments as easy as a mouse click - you don't even have to open the messages. It is a perfect Outlook companion for people who receive email attachments.

Every day, EZDetach helps thousands of Outlook users like you - recruiters, consultants, lawyers, accountants, bankers, project managers, executive assistants and many others - save time and gain productivity. Read what our customers are saying about EZDetach.

Whether you need to save attachments from one, several or from all messages in your mailbox, manually or automatically, EZDetach is the perfect tool for the job.

EZDetach is also very effective at reducing your inbox and pst file size (by removing attachments) and thus making Outlook faster, more stable and reliable; and also keeping you from getting that "Your mailbox is over the size limit" message. Make your Exchange Admin happy - download EZDetach today!

Tame Outlook Attachments!
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