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Bulk Folders Window

This window allows you to

To open this window, click More -> Bulk Create Folders Button.

SimplyFile Bulk Create Folders window.

How to create several Outlook folders at the same time

See this page for details.

How to share your folder tree structure with your colleagues

  • Select the parent folder whose subfolder structure you would like to share.
  • Click Scan to generate the folder list.
  • Copy the list and email it to your colleague.
  • She can copy it into this window on her computer and click Create.

How to auto-create folders for your users.

Create a folder list file. You can do it either using the Admin - Export button or with a custom script.

This list can be customized for individual users or team as necessary. Contact us for configuration details.

Bulk Folders Commands

Create (BulkFolders)

Create subfolders, under the selected parent folder, from the list populated in the field above.

Scan (BulkFolders)

Create a list of subfolders of the selected parent folder.

Admin - Export (BulkFolders)

Export the list of folders to a file. SimplyFile can use that file to auto-create folders in end-user mailboxes without any manual actions on end-user’s part. Requires Ultimate edition. Contact us for configuration details.